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  • Unfortunately, I have noticed a lack in him these past couple games

    • by Ellae

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      As a self-proclaimed Final Fantasy fanatic, I’ve been playing video games since I had functional use of my fingers; and although I’ve played pretty much every Final Fantasy that was ever made, there are a few things I should probably tell you about Final Fantasy XIII.

      Rumored to be the last console Final Fantasy, FFXIII felt less like a legacy and more like - I don’t know - some other game. Is it the battle system, the story or the characters?

      If you didn’t know, in Final Fantasy XII there was much debate on the story being more about Balthier and less about Princess Ashe or even Vaan for that matter whom you spend most of your time controlling. The same concept rings true in this latest installment of the Final Fantasy series. However, for those

      of you not familiar with the series, it’s a sort of throwback to the SNES days when the story was not just one tale, but several that all seemed to intertwine. With the coming of Squall, Cloud and even Zack, however, the classic Final Fantasy game became centered around a certain person rather than a 6-man party.

      The battle system for FFXIII is an innovative, fresh breath of air, if not a little remniscent of FFX’s sphere grid and FFXII’s active battle system. While most RPG’s are run on an active-wait, turn based battle system, a few of them as of late have begun to see the benefit in the real-time fight system.

      The characters in Final Fantasy XIII were beautifully done from their FMV sequences, their in-battle graphics and their actual character development, so ...

      • you will see no squabble from me here. The one thing I will mention is that the coupling of Snow and Serah just did not seem realistic to me. Also, it felt like they had to make Serah 18 in the American version simply because she didn’t look “legal” for Snow to be with her. I’m not sure what her age was in the Japanese version, but she looks about 16. Who am I to say?

        Finally, one thing that Final Fantasy is absolutely known for (and one of the main reasons I will follow it to the ends of the earth as though it’s my Pied Piper) is the music. Nobuo Uematsu has some other-worldly talent in him that is completely unexplainable at this point. Unfortunately, I have noticed a lack in him these

        past couple games. It seems like the FFXIII score is just the same song remixed into different beats, which is very disappointing. Nevertheless, one thing that remains true is the Chocobo Theme.

        Final Fantasy staples can be had such as Catuar, Tonberry and Chocobos, though the relation to Moogles was a bit disappointing as well. So, with Final Fantasy XIV already in the making, we say good-bye to the Final Fantasy console gaming legends and prepare ourselves for another MMORPG which hopefully doesn’t end as shamefully as the first online Final Fantasy endeavor, FFXI.

        In some strange way, this game didn’t even feel like a Final Fantasy to me; it was just another RPG to be summed up as such. If it didn’t have the Final Fantasy name or standard logo to it, I wouldn’t have known.

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