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  • I particulary enjoyed the marry the mole musical number from the female mouse

    • by Henry Savior

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      I am going to review a musical film called thumbelina by the animator don bluth that was releaesed in 1994.It is an animated adaption of a book of the same name.It starrs a teenage girl that is no bigger than a person’s thumb.An elderly woman longs for a child of her own and her wish is granted when she recieves a flower from a mysterious person.The flower blooms and reveals thumbelina.One day,thumbelina meets a fairy prince named Cornelious who comes to her home.They are instantly attracted to each other.They decide to go outside and spend the day together,getting to know each other better.An anthromorphic toad named Grundel sees thumbelina and falls in love with her also and tells his mom he wants to marry her.After cornelious takes thumbelina back home,he tells her she will visit her tomorrow.Later,just as thumbelina is about to go to sleep for the night she is kidnapped by the mother of the toad grundel.The mom takes thumbelina to her home amd invites her to join the family singing group along with her 3 sons,including grundel.She also tells thumbelina that her son grundel wants to marry her.

      The family then leaves thumbelina for awhile to fetch a priest for the marriage despite protests from her.She is in love with

      cornelious and dosnet want to marry grundel.A talking bird with a french accent named Jacquimo then sees thumbelina and ends up befriending her.She tells him about her love for cornelious and that she wants to get home to her mom.He enocurages her to find her way home and also tells thumbelina he will try to find cornelious so he could look for her.

      On her way home,Thumbelina then runs into a beatle character named Berkeley.He likes the way she looks convinces her to have her dance with him and his band in a club called the beatle ball.She is disguised as a beetle while performing but when her costue falls apart,the crowd,who are all beatles starts to find her ugly because they find humans strange looking.Berkeley then ditches thumbelina because he feels embarrased by the crowd who mock her.LaterGrundel looks for the beatle becuase he heard he meet thumbelina.When berkely beetle says he lost thumbelina,grundel forces him to look for her with him by brute force.Also while looking for thumbelina,cornelious manages to fall into a pond which freezes from the cold weather,therfore freezing him.Thumbelina seems to be lost on the way to her home.Tired,she eventually finds shelter in an old shoe.She is eventually taken in by a female mouse who ...

      • tells her that cornelious has been killed.She introduces him to a friend of hers,mr. mole.Mr mole tells them that he recently saw an injured bird around his house.Thumbelina sees the bird and recognizes him as her friend Jacquimo who is unconcious.Mr.Mole also is attracted to thumbelina and wants to marry her.She bribes the female mouse with money to convince thumbelina to marry him.She agrees and ends up convincing her to go with the marriage.

        When thumbelina gets to the marriage ceremony she has flashbacks to the good times she had with Cornelious.She then decides that ehr heart belongs to cornelious and mr. mole is not the man for her.She refuses to marry mr. mole at the ceremony.Grundel and berkely eventually find thumbelina and try to capture her.However,cornelious ends up finding them and fighting grundel for thumbelina.(cornelious was thawed out by some animals who lived in the forrest)He and grundel end up falling in a pit but they both survive.Cornelious and thumbelina end up proposing marriage vows and they share a passionate kiss.Thumbelina then sprouts wings.Corneliou’s mother and father and thumbelina’s mother all attend the wedding ceremony for the two.

        i really enjoyed this movie.The plot was relativly faithful to the book with few changes.For example the mouse that gave thumbelina shelter in the book was

        male and the mouse became female in the film.The musical numbers were an absoulte joy to listen to.They ranged from loud showtune numbers from berkely beetle to more gentle and emotional love ballads from thumbelina and cornelious.I particulary enjoyed the marry the mole musical number from the female mouse.It was a song she sang to convince thumbelina to marry mr. mole.It was a fun,vibrant and creative song to listen to with lots of humorous dancing from the female mouse.I also enjoyed the musical number from grudel’s mom about convincing thumbelina to joun the family music group.It was vibrant somba like number.The animation in the production was superb.Framerates were fairly consistent and there very complex movements and gestures to convey realism.Thumbelina has as much facial and body movement as a non-animated person.THe character portrals also were not bad.Thumbelina had lots of emotion and was it was plain to see how much she loved cornelious.Grundel was very convincing as a toad who also had a crush on thumbelina.He was willing to pursuit her relentlessly like cornelious was even though thumbelina didnt love him.

        All in all,the film was a fun production for kids and mabeye adults too.It’s bright colors and cute characters will entice viewers and it’s love story is captivating and the musical numbers will be pleasing to the ear.

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