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  • I found this to be a negative difference because it is pretty well established in the cartoons that tom and jerry were enemies
  • Aunt Figg was okay,but I thought there was little need for Dr. Applecheeks and Captian Kiddie

    • by Henry Savior

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      Tom and Jerry are cartoon characters from cartoons loved by many children as well as adults.The old cartoons are known for the large amount of funyn slapstick which is used for comedy effect.There was a musical-movie realeased in 1992 starring tom and jerry.The premise of the movie starts with tom and jerry in a house.The owners are about to movie to a new home.After tom and jrry get into some slapstick routines htye begin to leave to catch up with thier owners but it is too late.The owners have already moved and tom and jerry are now homeless after demolishers come and tear down the old house where they once lived.The two wonder the streets for awhile for food and shelter and come acroos a dog named Puggsy and his friend Frankie who is a flee.

      Tom and Jerry introduce themselves.Shortly after they speak they realize that they haven’t spoken in years.(In the cartoon,tom and jerry rarely say words).Puggsy the dog encourages tom and jerry to be friends so they will be able to survive out in the streets together.Tom,Jerry,Puggsy and Frankie then go and have some food in garbage cans.When Puggsy is starting to get some food,he and Frankie are captured by a couple of dogcatchers.Tom then is attacked by a bunch of alley cats but seems to escape from them.Tom and Jerry then meet an eight yera old girl named Robyn Starling..She was staying with her evil aunt Aunt Figg because her father is in Tibet and her mom is not alive.Figg treats her niece badly and

      makes her sleep in the attic and gave her room to her fat dog ferdinand.

      Robyn had recently run away from her aunt becuase of horrible treament but Tom and Jerry convince her to go back home because they know what its like to be homeless and feel living in a home in any circumstance is better than being out on the street.Aunt figg is in the house crying and begging a police officer to find Robyn.This was just an act.Figg is jsut ,mean and nasty and wants to keep Robyn just as long as her father can support her to take care of Robyn.The officer eventually finds Robyn,tom and jerry.Robyn begs aunt figg to keep tom and jerry as pets and she agrees.Tom and Jerry then get into some slapstick routines with the fat dog ferdinand and a room in the house gets destroyed because of theier antics.Because fo thise,Figg sends tom and jerry sends toma nd jerry to a crooked animal shelter run by a man,Dr.Applecheek.He is the secret employeer of dogcathers and is actually in charge of a cruel animal pound.he plans to give pets back to thier owners for large sums of ransom money.Tom and Jerry actually meet Puggsy in the pound and they help them escape.meanwhile Robyn finds a telegram taht her father was alive and she runs away with tom and jerry to find him.

      Figg discovers she ran away and palced an ad for a reward of a million dollars to anybody who found her.

      Tom,Jerry,and Robyn then take a raft to get to ...

      • her father in tibet but they crash into a ship and get seperated.Robyn is found by an owner of an amusement park with the name Captain Kiddie.Kiddie recognized Robyn’s face from Figgss ad and traps her on a ferris wheel to have Aunt Figg take her home.Toma nd Jerry find Robyn and manage to get her off the ferris wheel.Dr.applecheeks is then seen chasing after Robyn because he too wants the million dollar reward.Tom,Jerry and Robyn are then being pursued by Figg,Applecheeks and Captain Kiddie.Tom and his friends then get in a boat and eventually are taken to a cabin belonging to her father.Figg and Lickboot manage to find her there and try to force her to come home.While in the cabin,lickboot accidently knocks over an oil lamp which lights the cabin on fire.Tom and Jerry manage to get Robyn out of the cabin.Lickboot and Figg survive but end up landing on a nearby boat and it drives away.Robyn’s father finds her and rescues her but wasnt able to rescue tom and jerry in the cabin before it collapsed.Tom and Jerry actually survive and are adopted by Robyn and her father.

        The movie is different from the cartoons in many ways and not in a good way.Having tom and jerry talk will upset most tom and jerry fans.I dont mind myself but Im sure a lot of people would.Another thing thats really different about tom and jerry was that they were good friends in this movie.In the old cartoons,they were enemies who constantly played tricks on each other.I found this

        to be a negative difference because it is pretty well established in the cartoons that tom and jerry were enemies.its kind of hard for fans to accept that they are suddenly good friends in the movie.There is actually a lot of things wrong with the plot.Tom and Jerry are really not the main characters.Robyn is and they are simply there to help her get to her father.The plot should be focused on tom and jerry.It is their movie.The plot involving Robyn totally overshadowed tom and jerry in favor of Robyn and her evil aunt.I also felt there were too many villians.Aunt Figg was okay,but I thought there was little need for Dr.Applecheeks and Captian Kiddie.They just made the plot more complext then it needed to be.i also found the segment with the alley cats singing a large musical number about attacking about tom unneccessary.They wre pretty much minor characters and didnt really need a musical number.I also felt the whole plot in general was too was about a little girl trying to escape her evil aunt.The old tom and jerry cartoons were pretty violent and action oriented and the movie just dosen’t do the characters justice by having such a sentimental premise.

        This film may entertain kids who are not really familiar with the tom and jerry cartoons but most adults and kids familiar with the cartoons will not like it.It strays too far away from the original plot material of tom and jerry.On top of all that,tom and jerry are not the main focus of the movie while the girl Robyn is.

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