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  • I know that if he can talk and doesn't sound stuffed up, that we're making some serious progress

    • by Anasuya

      Of all the Walgreens products I’ve tried in the last several years to treat my allergy or sinus symptoms, this is probably the most expensive in comparison to how many you get and how effective it ultimately was. The Walgreens Wal-Hist Antihistamine Tablets was almost $7 for only 16 tablets, though it is supposed to provide twelve hour relief, and is primarily used to treat the symptoms of the common cold or flu.

      I’ve had some success with a few of the Walgreens allergy medications and figured I wouldn’t be taking too big a risk to try this Wal-Hist cold medicine, especially not when my youngest son got sick and, a week later, my husband and me both started showing symptoms of coming

      down with the same thing.

      I haven’t had a cold in years, really, so I was ready and willing to nip that thing in the bud the minute the symptoms started coming on and, having seen the results of my son taking the Wal-Hist while he was sick, was half-tempted, at the time, to take it purely as a preventative measure!

      Within thirty minutes after he took one tablet (one every twelve hours) he was already feeling immensely better.

      His eyes weren’t nearly as red, and his congestion had improved by leaps and bounds.

      I know that if he can talk and doesn’t sound stuffed up, that we’re making some serious progress.

      It made him a little sleepy, as most antihistamines do, but ...

      • it wasn’t a total drugged stupor, though you’d have thought that seeing my husband take it a week later.

        He came down with some stuffy nose and watery eyes and we were pretty sure it wasn’t allergies, so he took what was left over of the Wal-Hist, and it about knocked him flat-out within the hour, though he has a very low tolerance for medication and even a single motrin or tyelnol can make him sleepy whereas most people wouldn’t feel it at all.

        He did say, though, that he felt a lot better taking it, though he probably could’ve taken it every seven hours, instead of every twelve, as, for him, it started to lose its effectiveness faster than it did for

        my son, who was totally fine taking it every twelve hours.

        When I took it, trying to fight off the onset of the cold they were passing around, I didn’t feel as good as they did as a result, but I did feel SOME relief from the sinus congestion and the over-all icky feeling you get when you’re coming down with something.

        I wasn’t nearly as stuffy and the runny nose that had started the day before was totally manageable then.

        I took this mostly at night when my symptoms were at their worst, and within three days was feeling perfectly fine again, like the cold never even really set in.

        It’s another good product from Walgreens, though not as cheap as their other cold and allergy medications.

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