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  • The beginning of the movie is a bit boring
  • The movie is well made and I believe enough financial budget was allotted to it because special effects are very real, some locations and cars look expensive but they are just destroyed, and the ammunition are plenty but real, including a bazooka and a flying device

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      The story of this movie revolves around Dave Lewzewski, an ordinary high school guy who wants to be one of the superheroes that he admires. He buys a green suit and walks around town on it and calls himself Kick-Ass. One night while he was on his costume, he came into a group of guys beating up a grown-up. He fought them to protect the guy in trouble and onlookers were able to record their fight using their mobile phones. They uploaded it in the internet and he instantly gained popularity even in the news. In another scene, a father and his daughter was watching TV and saw the news about the superhero. In the next fight that the guy went into, the father and his daughter involved themselves and had their own costumes. They call themselves ‘Hit Girl’ and ‘Big Daddy’. The little girl killed all the 8 syndicate members that Kick-Ass went to.

      Big Daddy is previously a good policeman but was framed-up and imprisoned by Frank D’Amico, a leader of a syndicate. While in prison, his wife was left alone and could not afford the bills coming, so she committed suicide. On his death, a daughter was also born. When he went out of jail, he got back her daughter from his best friend and co-policeman who temporarily took care of her. From then she trained her on how to combat, use guns and other ammunition, and everything

      that she needs to know. He wants to seek revenge for the death of her wife and for his imprisonment and wants to do this together with his daughter.

      Frank D’Amico thought that Kick-Ass is the one who killed his men and started chasing him from then on. One night, Kick-Ass and the syndicate leader’s son, who also got his own costume and called himself Red Mist, went into a burning warehouse. There they saw a teddy bear video camcorder. He went to his dad to see it and there they discovered that Big Daddy was the one killing the syndicate members. Kick-Ass arranged to meet with the other two superheroes and he bought Red Mist along. Once inside the hideout, Red Mist shot Hit Girl causing her to fall out of the window, while the other syndicate members abducted Kick-Ass and Big Daddy.

      News spread about the live unmasking of Kick Ass on national tv, but what was shown on air was how he and Big Daddy is being beaten up to death. Hit Girl then appeared to their rescue. Big Daddy was being burned alive while she kills the bad guys, and when she was done it was already too late for her to save his dad for he had already suffered too many burns. Big Daddy died, but Hit Girl chose to continue the mission he and his dad started and Kick-Ass went with her. She gate crashed into the ...

      • syndicate’s headquarters and was able to kill them all including the leader but not his son.

        Kick-Ass then returns to school as an ordinary student but vows to look after Hit Girl, who enrolled in his school too.

        The beginning of the movie is a bit boring. It is just a story telling of the life of Kick-Ass, the syndicate and Bid Daddy and his daughter. But when it came to the point that Kick-Ass became an internet sensation, it is where all the fun part began. One of the most exciting twists of this movie is how an 11-year old, sweet-looking girl is able to kill syndicate members with such grace and swift moves. She is pretty and young, but she kills merciless. Her father, played by Nicolas Cage, also catches attention especially during the scene that he shoots his little girl with a real gun from a distance as part of her training. I also find it hilarious when during his rescue and he is burning alive, he still shouts instructions to guide his girl on how to assassinate his abductors. The lead character lacks combat training in a major way, that is why the way he fights in the movie is funny and without direction, unlike that of Hit Girl. His great moves were almost out of sheer luck. It is also funny that he was able to get close to his crush by pretending that he is gay.

        Frank D’Amico, his son and his people also had comic moments that surely movie watchers will have fun of. The costumes of the superheroes are great too, especially that of Hit Girl and Red Mist.

        Kick-Ass movie is funny and entertaining. Though I was discouraged to watch it at first because the beginning scene are not appealing, I’m glad that I chose to continue watching it or else I may have lost the chance to see a good movie. It is almost 2 hours long, but I already lost track of time especially towards the end. It may not be a blockbuster kind of movie and one that can be remembered for so long, but it will be great for a brief moment of authentic entertainment. The movie is well made and I believe enough financial budget was allotted to it because special effects are very real, some locations and cars look expensive but they are just destroyed, and the ammunition are plenty but real, including a bazooka and a flying device. It is not recommended for kids though, because a child killing people is not a very good model to follow. It also has many bad words in the characters’ languages. But it also teaches values such as great love of parents to their children and vice-versa, faithfulness of friends, and trying ones best and dropping fear in achieving things that he wants in his life. Mature audiences will surely like this movie.

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