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  • I do not recommend this film to anybody who into serious movies

    • by Henry Savior

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      Kazaam was a 1996 film about a Genie from a boombox who grants a child 3 wishes.It stars the basketballl player Shaquille O Neal.I considered the movie to have a low entertainment value for a comedy.It has pretty low standards.I will give an overview of the movie before explaining why the movie is not good.

      The movie beings with a wrecking ball destroying a magic lamp inside of a building,causing it to land on a boombox.teh genie played by o neal decides to live in the boombox from then on.A boy named Max passes by the building and unleashes the genie by accident.The genie introduces himself as kazaam and tells max that he will grant him 3 wishes.Max then goes home to discover that his mom is marrying a fireman.Max figures out his real whom his mom divorced is somewhere in the city he is in.He discovers his dad is a music talent agent.Max goes in to search for his father..Later,max goes to his secret hangout to relax for

      awhile and then decides to have the genie kazaam make him his first wish.It is to make junkfood fall from the sky.After he and kazaam eat some of the junkfood max decides to go back and see his father.

      When he gets to the club,he is greeted warmly by his father and introduced to some other employees where his dad works.An middle-eastern employee of the nightclub named Malik notices Kazzam and decides to sign him as a rap artist.Besides seeing kazaam rap on stage in the club,he knows he is a genie because he sees magic gold dust blast from the boombox he is holding.He plans to find some way to use Kazaam’s genie powers.Kazzam also meets and becomes the boyfriend of a woamn who works for Malik.

      Later in the movie,the boy max decides his father is being hurt by a nightclub employee and goes to Kazaam for help.Kazaam is paying too much attention to his now launched rap career and doesnt pay attention to max.The nightclub employee manages to take shaq’s magic boombox that was once his home.He even manages to find max and kill him so he can now rule over Kazaam as his new owner.The nightclub employee tells kazaam what he plans to do to him.Kazaam tries to find back but is powerless.Suddenly,he gains his powers back and is able to transform the employee into a basketball and dunks him into some trashcan.Shaq discovers max is dead.Although Kazzam is hightly grieved about this because he and max became friends,he is able to bring him back to life.He is able to do this because of selfless love for max which gives him magical powers that makes him alive again.Kazaam then dissapears from the earth and max dosen’t know what happened to his friend.However,he gets reunited with his family and rekindles a relationship with his biological father and his foster father,the fireman.Then for some reason,Shaq comes back to earth as a normal human without genie powers.Max sees him walking down the street ...

      • Kazaam-movie
      and smiles.The movie then ends.

      I really didn’t enjoy this movie.For one,the film has an annoying rap theme to it. Shaq,Kazaam makes many poorly executed raps several tiems through the film.An example of this is in the part of the fil when shaq is rapping in the club max’s father works.Lines consist of “Lets green egg and ham it”This sounds like a cheesy and childish line that is better suited to a kids book than to a rap song.Other bad raps consist of in the beginning of the movie when shaq is awakened by max from the boombox and raps about how his rest was disturbed .The various rap numbers give the impression that the film was sort of a marketing tool for shaq as a rapper.Around this time shaq had a rap career and it looks like he was trying to promote it through this movie.There is also evidence of product placement in the film.When max makes his wish about junkfood falling from the sky,there are

      really unneccessary close shots of m&m’s,and burritos fromt taco bell.The acting of shaq is also not up to par.His facial expression has a dull blank look to it no matter what emotions he has.He talks in a monotone manner no matter if the scene he is in is a happy one or a sad one.The club employee,malik,who employ shaq as a rapper seems to be a negative steryotype of middle easterners.He has a scheming and manipulative personallity.It is also not explained whys shaq becomes a nomral human at the end of the movie.It just randomly happens.The plot about max lookig for his biological father seemed like it was quickly thought up to evoke some kind of emotion from the audience because the rap elements with shaq in the movie were not enough to make a coherent plot.

      I do not recommend this film to anybody who into serious movies.This movie is goofy and lighthearted but lacks any serious quality and acting.There are far better films to watch than this.

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