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Kelapa Gading Boulevard Mall 3 North Jakarta, Indonesia
  • We had terrible experience in this restaurant
  • I thought I made a good choice since my husband and I could order Kebab meanwhile the kids could eat spaghetti there
  • I think it was under the food when my husband took the food with the spoon and gave it to my son
  • I don't think that an accident like this should get tolerance as they are offering and serving foods for customers
  • I don't think it's fair for me since my son's life could be in danger because of their mistake

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      We will never go to this restaurant again. Why? We had terrible experience in this restaurant. Actually, we were a big fans of Donner Kebab Food chain restaurant. They are every where in this city. Each food court in the shopping malls normally have this restaurant. But after our bad experience in Doner Kebab La Piazza Kelapa Gading, we will not eat in Doner Kebab anymore.

      What’s happening there? I went to this restaurant in the afternoon with my kids and my husband to get small snacks for us. I thought I made a

      good choice since my husband and I could order Kebab meanwhile the kids could eat spaghetti there. We ordered two portions of Kebab and two portions of Spaghetti Bolognese. We spent almost 15 dollar for these meals. For the people in this country, this was already an expensive snacks.

      So, we started to eat our food. But then when my husband feed my son the spaghetti, suddenly my son had strange face and he tried to throw the foods out of his throat and mouth. There was plastic came out of his mouth.

      • And the size of the plastic was quite big. I think it was under the food when my husband took the food with the spoon and gave it to my son. We were so angry about this. This could be danger if my son could not throw it out. We were so lucky that the plastic did not came inside my son’s body. You know what they said about this accident? They only said sorry and gave us 2 dollar back as the price of the spaghetti. Is this the price of my
        son’s life? Should not they aware about the food that they serve to their customers. I don’t think that an accident like this should get tolerance as they are offering and serving foods for customers.

        I made a complain to the customer complain number but they also only ask for apologize for this incident. I don’t think it’s fair for me since my son’s life could be in danger because of their mistake.

        That’s why I will never go to this restaurant again. Even not to the one in other places,since it could happen again.

    Adam Wilson says :

    I would like to ask why the staff at Doner Kebab in La Piazza have been harassing my wife after making an anonomous complaint? On July 10 2010, my wife and I had lunch at the La Piazza location. When we entered the restaurant, we noticed that the booth was free, but there was still a tray of wrappers, and left over food on the table. As I was attempting to order our lunch, I asked the young girl if someone could please clean the mess at the table. The girl asked the two guys in the back to do the job, but instead they decided to just continue talking and goofing off. I thought they would get to it as soon as possible, but I was sadly mistaken. Then, the girl handed her duty of making the Kebab to another guy. He took his time putting on his gloves, putting the tortilla shell on the tray, then he started doing his prep work before making my Kebab. I noticed him putting away cups, and other things that were not related to my lunch. I couldn`t believe it. He then asked me to sit down and wait like he didn`t want me to see what he was doing or he wanted to take his time. I told him to hurry up at which point he still took his time. While he was doing this, I realized that the tray was still at our table in front of my wife no less, the table still dirty, and these two boys were still in the back chatting. I then asked the boy this time, if someone would clean it. He agreed, finished my Kebab, and while I was still waiting for my fries and drink, I assumed the boy was doing what he agreed to do, but I was wrong again. I got my fries and beverage, turned around and noticed that it still wasn`t clean. I got fed up, picked the tray up myself, put it on another table, and sat at the other end of the table where there wasn`t chili sauce smeared in front of me. I thought they would get to it, but still wrong. That tray sat there for another 20 minutes, while these kids sat around and talked. There were very few customers, and not one came in during those 20 minutes. Oh yeah, my wife`s fries were still cold. Like they barely cooked them, and let them to sit for a few hours. At this point I was pissed, but I realized that if I confronted these little delinquents, I might do something I would later regret. This is where it gets interesting, my wife sent a message to the customer service hot line provided on the front of the cash register, politely of course. We left the restaurant and returned home. After a few hours, she received five missed calls from the Doner Kebab La Piazza. Then again, five more times the next day. Why are the staff, manager or anybody calling my wife? I thought this sort of thing is confidential? I thought maybe the Manager wanted to formally apologize to us, so I told her to call them back. I was soooo wrong. When she called the restaurant the person who answered the phone began to question her about her name, where she lives, and then asked her what her problem was. She explained the situation calmly, and the person replied by saying that we should have sat another table that didn`t have a tray on it. Really? If we want to spend money at your restaurant, don`t we have the right to sit anywhere? Not to mention that we wanted to sit at the booth, which was vacant. Haven`t they heard the expression that the customer is always right? Then, he said that she should have asked them to clean it up. Do we have to ask them to do their jobs? This is ridiculous She explained that she did tell them. That`s when he started to harass her by asking her where she lived. She got frightened, and hung up. Why does the staff have my wife`s phone number? Why are staff members harassing customers? Why was I asked to sit down and wait for my food when there weren`t any customers, and it wasn`t busy? Nor was my order complicated or took any time to cook. What is the deal with this place? I just read a complaint from a person who`s child had plastic in their spaghetti at the same restaurant. They treated her horribly. If that person reads this complaint. I want you to know that we feel for you, and I`m going to try to take the appropriate action to deal with this situation. Where is the ACCOUNTABILITY? Where is the kindness or at least common decency for customers?
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