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  • Rank enough times and you’ll find out how good you are compared to the rest of Halo’s fanbase

    • by Luke

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      First, an introduction. Halo: Reach is an upcoming Xbox 360 title developed by Bungie. It is a first person shooter for the Xbox 360, and is a prequel to the very popular “Halo” series. On May 3rd, Microsoft released a multiplayer only “beta” for Halo: Reach. The beta is a preview of what gamers can expect to see in the full game, come Fall of 2010. As of now, it will run until May 19th, then be shut down until the full game in released. To play the Halo: Reach beta, you need a Xbox 360, a Xbox Live Gold Membership and a copy of the campaign disc of Halo 3: ODST. Then, just hop on, download the beta, and proceed to start kill other people online. It’s very simple to do so, but annoying that you have to load up ODST each time you

      play the beta, and sit through the opening to the game.

      Now, for an overview of the betas features. It includes four maps, but two of them are only playable on their own gametype. So, for the most part, you will be playing on two maps. There are many modes you can play on the beta, including Slayer, Capture the Flag, Oddball, Stockpile, Headhunter, and many more. I personally love most of the modes, especially Headhunter, a crazy party mode where you try and collect skulls from your fallen enemies. These modes are divided into different “playlist”, such as Lone Wolf, or Grab Bag. Two big addictions to the series are the “Invasion” and “Arena” playlists. Invasion is a gametype where six Spartans take on six Elites in an all out war. Elites try and capture points on the map until they can carry a core ...

      • hidden away in the Spartan’s base to a final checkpoint, a Phantom. This game mode is really fun and hectic, and I play it often. I find that playing as a Spartan is more entertaining, but both races are good fun. As the battle escalates, you almost feel as though you’re playing a campaign level, not a multiplayer match. The other playist is Arena, a place where hardcore Halo fans will surely flock. You can only play Slayer gametypes on their and each game you play you get a ranking for how good you did. Rank enough times and you’ll find out how good you are compared to the rest of Halo’s fanbase.

        Overall, the beta is very fun. Even with only four maps and limited gametypes, you’ll have tons of fun. A really cool addition is “Loadouts”. At the beginning of each spawn, you can

        choose what loadout you want. This determines which guns you spawn with, and the Armor Ability you get. Armor Abilities are basically superpowers you can use: jetpack, invisibility, Armor Lock (becoming invincible) and running are all Abilities in the game. They are balanced for the most part and add a fun element to classic Halo. But not everything is peachy. Some weapons seem way too underpowered, like the DMR and Needler Rifle. It is almost impossible to get kills with long distance weapons in the beta, which will anger a lot of folks. And, as this is a beta, there are some network issues and bugs around. But the good really does outweigh the bad. If you have ODST, hop on and play the beta now! It ends May 19th!

        Graphics: Beautiful, makes Halo 3 look like poop: 9/10 Gameplay: Lacks variation, but what it does, it does well: 8.5/10

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