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  • I decided to change its Milk to Promil plain just to see if it’s due to its current Milk
  • Promil Gold is still good but I think I might give to my baby when he is more or less than 8 months old

    • by Lyka

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      My baby turned 6 months old and we’ve change its Milk to Promil Gold. Before the change of milk, his pediatrician recommended us to choose whether we’re going to prefer Promil, Enfapro, or Gain Plus.

      My choice here is Promil (because it’s my sister’s milk before), but rather than the plain brand of Promil, I choose Promil Gold.

      Well, in

      terms of pricing, it’s too expensive to buy than the plain one.

      While in terms of nutrition, of course Promil Gold is more nutritious than the other one (you can compare it with their labels).

      But one thing I experienced with Promil Gold is that, my baby started to become constipated when he started to drink this milk.

      At first ...

      • I concluded that it was due to its stomach cycle, because he’s starting to eat semi-solid foods.

        Later on, my baby almost dumped from crying due to constipation.

        I decided to change its Milk to Promil plain just to see if it’s due to its current Milk.

        Until now, my baby haven’t experienced constipation again, and that’s gave me an

        idea that Promil Gold, due to its much nutrition can affect my babies health.

        Promil Gold is still good but I think I might give to my baby when he is more or less than 8 months old.

        I should stick first with Promil Plain.

    brix june mercado says :

    how many hours does promil gold food supplement will get spoiled?
    Angie Montealegre says :

    4 Hours only and it should be discarded after that.
    Vincent Royce Ampong says :

    Promil gold supplement will get spoiled after 6 hours. You baby should consume the milk on or before 6 hours.
    marbz says :

    when my bby turn 6 i try her promil plain but she’s not drinking. i try promil gold she drink but the problem is her poop is wet and frequet becomes pedia recomend erceflora and zinc but after 5days now she has still a wet poop.
    Galega says :

    Diarrhea like situation do happen when a new formula is introduced to a baby. That is why pediatrician always prescribe a digestive formula to be given during the first week.

    In your situation, it seems this milk formula isn’t suitable for your baby. It happens. Sometimes we are required to do some trial and error to find the best formula for our little one. Consult a pediatrician and ask for a suitable formula.
    sundaemush says :

    same thing happened with my son, when i switch his milk from bonna to bonamil (when he turned 6mons). whenever he drinks his milk, after just a few minutes, he’ll poop. is this normal due to transition or should i be afraid. looking for some advice. thanks.
    Galega says :

    If this is happening continuously for more than 3 days with your baby, you should consult your pediatrician. Initially, pooping after taking a new milk formula is normal with baby. But, within 2 - 3 days, the digestive system should start working normally.
    Roger says :

    This review is not real
    It seems to be done by the manufacturer.
    So to me it is a unfair review.
    As I wanted real opinion of people that use it
    Kat says :

    I am having the same issue with my son. He is using Promil Gold and is having a difficulty pooping. :( I will try Promil plain and see if my baby will like it better. Thanks for this post
    awezome-writer says :

    I had the same issue with my baby as well, but instead of changing milk I put more water in his milk than what is recommended as per advise of his pediatrician. Do this until his poop comes normal, and then you can go back to the recommended water vs milk proportion.
    NEA says :

    im using new promil gold for my 1 yr and 2 months old, it’s long time using but still her poop is watery.
    do i have to change it?
    Galega says :

    Yes, in this case you may need to change the milk formula. Before that, I would suggest you to consult a pediatrician and follow the advise.
    mommy ni drake says :

    my baby boy is turning 6 months next two weeks. i cant decide what to give him the best milk. i am thinking promil, promil gold, progress and progress gold. please help me base on your experiences thank you im confuse…
    Angie Montealegre says :

    Start with the cheapest among your choices first. It depends what milk is your baby suited then that would be the best for him. So it is wise to try the inexpensive ones first.
    MJ says :

    Promil Gold is for 6-12mos while Progress gold is for 1 yr
    Galega says :

    You should start with the milk formula which is recommended for 6 months and older baby. You have given Progress Gold as an option, which is recommended for babies older than one year.

    Further, at this age, you should consider introducing solid food. If your baby is breastfeeding and there is no issue with breast milk, you can avoid giving any milk formula for few more months. Rather introduce solid food like Cerelac Rice.
    Sarah Cacanindin says :

    Can we use the Promil Kid for my bay who is just 11 month old?
    nanay ni Pang says :

    I ask the same question, coz my baby is going to turn 1 next 2 weeks. but the pharmacist answer is to wait for my baby to turn 1 before i give her Promil kid.
    Christopher Johnson says :

    My pediatrician is one of the best pediatricians my wife and I have ever had the chance to meet. Six months is the recommended age to start giving children Promil. We were told that by our baby’s birthday we would be able to start giving her whole milk as long as we were feeding her whole foods like fruit, vegetables, protein, and anything else that is healthy we could have her off all kinds of formula, and we wouldn’t have to pay extra for that stuff, by her 18 month birthday.
    My biggest piece of advice is CONSULT YOUR PEDIATRICIAN they have been working with you and your baby for the last 11 months now and he knows what your child can have. If he says that you can start using Promil Kid now go for it, but I would caution that if he seems unsure about you using it that is his way of saying well use it but if something bad happens it’s on you not me so unless your pediatrician flat out says “Yes use it” I would not use it.
    arlene says :

    Is promil safe for a G6PD baby? My son is turning 6months on the 5th, need to change milk already.
    John says :

    Arlene, it contains soy which is not recommended for babies with a G6PD.
    Arlene says :

    Thanks John I already bought NAN HW2 yesterday. I checked all available formula milk at the store, only NAN has no soy content. It is from whey.
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