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  • I bought a digital scales, and weighed myself
  • I'm a nurse, and I know that water isn't going to take care of hypoglycemia
  • To me, I'm having the best of luck with the injections, at a loss of about 1-2 pounds a day, no hunger

    • by Rhonlynn

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      Obesity is an epidemic here in the United States. I have found a product I totally believe in, and I want to review it for others.

      HCG stands for Human Choriogonadotropin. It is the hormone that is produced by women in the early stages of pregnancy. The hormone, taken in smaller amounts, with a protocoled diet, produces quick weight loss. A few years ago, the homeopathic labs, came up with homeopathic HCG. Apparently, they have seen no difference between the prescribed version, which is injected, or under the tongue; or the homeopathic version, which is under the tongue (sublingual).

      The ads for yourhcg.com are all over Facebook. I was interested cause I weighed a bit much, (167), and I needed to loose weight. I ordered a 15 day supply. I wasn’t told that the 15 day supply was for the end. I found out, and ordered a 30 day supply. Yourhcg.com often has specials that they post on Facebook.

      I was given the Pounds and Inches protocol written in 1967, by Dr. R T Simeons, along with a couple of revised

      protocols, for different diets. I was told to read these, while I waited fro my drops. The day my drops came, I did what they call 3 loading days, where food with high fat contents are consumed to capacity. This causes the HCG to have have abnormal fat stores to release. I bought a digital scales, and weighed myself. I weighed 173, which is probably closer than 167.

      The diet consists of eating foods, which, in a day are under 500 calories. The body believes it’s getting 3000 calories from the HCG. Homeopathic HCG is made in a lab, and is certified. The drops from yourhcg.com are taken 6 drops, 6 times a day. They have a money back guarantee. Also, one must-atleast with the injections, (though, they stress it from yourhcg.com’s material, to change your body products) to those not containing oil. The HCG contacts with external oils, and causes your body to absorb it. You are ostracized on yourhcg.com’s Facebook page if this isn’t done, and you happen to say you can’t find something. Personally, I’m ...

      • not ordering my skin care products online. With the injections, it is a must, and a requirement. The injectable HCG really does cause skin to make contact with extrenal oil, and causes weight gain.

        Yourhcg.com provides support both on the phone, and from their Facebook page. I chose homeopathics, cause I wasn’t sure how to obtain the injectable form.

        The drops pretty much do what they say, but are a bit hyped. I was able to loose 17 pounds in 30 days. I had a couple of times where I couldn’t take my drops, and was off my diet.

        The yourhcg.com people are very thorough, but what I didn’t like was answers from participants, telling them to take some potassium. I also had it in my mind, that others were eating broccoli, cauliflower, etc, but all I heard was, “That’s not protocol.” My thoughts were true on this, and I have since began the injections, and have added other food.

        When I first began the drops, I was hungry for about a week, and it was a tough week. The

        hunger was almost unbearable. All I heard was “Drink water.” I’m a nurse, and I know that water isn’t going to take care of hypoglycemia. Eventually, one gets used to the 500 calorie protocol, and it works, if you follow it. I started on injections due to my personal schedule, and I wasn’t able to stop and take my drops.

        So, I’d say if you have about 20-30 pounds to loose, that yourhcg.com’s homeopathic HCG drops are of good quality. They are a little more expensive than some (at 89.00 for 15 days). They are the better quality. For customer service, they are fair. I did appreciate a vegetarian protocol, that I have also used.

        The hunger I didn’t appreciate, and I didn’t find this with the injections. So, read up on all of it, is my conclusion. Keep in mind, that there is NO HCG in the homeopathic HCG, so is the homeopathic form really better? That’s your decision. To me, I’m having the best of luck with the injections, at a loss of about 1-2 pounds a day, no hunger.

    Ada says :

    I have been using a perscription bioidentical hormone cream for a couple of years. I have tried going off it it before and it is intolorable. I use it only at night. I have had a hysterectomy and my ovaries are removed. I am 62. I am on my second day of HCG drops yesterday was the first day of the pig out eating. According to the protocol I am supposed to eliminate the hormones. Therefore, I did not use the cream last night. I woke up at 4 00 am this morning extremely hot and agitated. Based on past experience I am expecting this to get worse by the day. Has anyone else had experience with this. Is it possible that the HCG will help overcome this or should I forget it and use the hormone cream anyway. I desperately want this diet to work.

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