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  • THe kids and adults discover that willy wonka's factory is an amazing and fun looking place
  • They avoid this fate by bruping which lowers them until they reach the ground
  • I enjoyed the one about Augustus Gloop the most
  • One of the best actors was the guy who played Willy Wonka,Gene Wilder

    • by Henry Savior

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      Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory is a musical adoption of a children’s book by the writer Roald Dahl.I will describe what the movie is like before reviewing it.The movie is about a kind,gentle but poor boy named Charlie Bucket who lives with his mother and four grandparents.An owner of a candy factory,willy wonka creates a contest in which five golden tickets are hidden in his chocolate bars called Wonka Bars.Each child who gets a golden ticket with the candy bar gets a free trip to the factory and a life time supply of chocolate.The childrent that win the contest are Veruca Salt,Augustus Gloop,Violet Beuragaurde,Mike Teevee.The kids are spoiled rotten and each have extreme character flaws.Augustus Gloop is fat,unhealthy boy who eats too much junk food,Mike Teevee is addicted to televison,Veruca has parents that buy her too many material things and Violet is obsessed with chewing gum.Besides these children,Charlie Bucket also wins a golden ticket despite not being able to afford a lot of candy bars.He is not spoiled like the other kids.A man,Arthur Slugworth who is a rival

      candy maker of willy wonka,speaks to each of the children in private about giving him one of willy ownka’s creations,an everlasting gobbstopper. They would be payed in return with lots of money.After all the golden tickets are given out,each child is to be taken to Willy Wonkas’ factory by a parent.One of charlie’s granparents,Joe, takes him.Willy Wonka greets the children and adults at teh gates of the factory and requires them to sign a contract once they get in.THe kids and adults discover that willy wonka’s factory is an amazing and fun looking place.It is filled with all sorts of candy creations such as candy mushrooms,and lollipops.

      The kids and adults also see strange creatures called Oompa Loompas who are Wonka’s workers.As the tour of the factory goes on,each child disobeys a rule that wonka makes and suffer consequences.For example, augstus gloop drinks from a chocolate river when wonke tells him not to.He ends up being sucked through a chocolate extraction system and ends up in the fudge room.Another example is violet turning blue and expanding until she is huge.This happens becuase she ate chewing gum that wonka told her not to try which was defective.Oompa loompas sing a song about a lesson illustrating a poor behavior of a child after they get thier consequences.For example,when the greedy boy,Augustus, gets sucked in the chocolate extraction system,the oompa loompas sing about eating healthy and in moderation.

      Eventually All the children except charlie suffer consequences and are taken from the factory tour to fix the results of thier bad behavior.For example,Violet had to be returned to her normal size after being inflated by the chewing gum..However,Charlie is also guilty of mishbeaving.He and his grandpa sample fizzing lifting drinks in a room.They begin floating until they are almost killed by a ceiling mounted fan.They avoid this fate by bruping which lowers them until they reach the ground.Even though,they survived willy wonka found out about this and punished charlie at the end of the tour by not giving him his lifetime supply of chocolate.There was an agreement in the contract that stated that a kid who broke any rules woudlnt get thier prize.

      Grandpa Joe is ...

      • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie
      angry at wonka for this and prompts charlie to leave.However,charlie feels really bad about waht he did, and gives willy wonka an everlasting gobbstopper he had took.He was thinking of giving it to slugworth but felt he should make up for breaking the rules at the candy factory.

      Wonka then changes his mind and tells Charlie that he won.He tells him that slugworth was actually and employee of his.His offer to buy a gobstopper from the children was a morality test.Charlie was the only one who passed.Wonka then tells charlie that his actual prize is the candy factory itself.He created the golden ticket contest to find a worthy child to be his heir of the factory and eventually take over its operations.

      The movie was a dazzling and heartwarming adaption to to Roald Dahl’s book.The props and materials used to make the inside of the candy factory was astounding.It looked like a real factory.The musical numbers were a joy to see and listen to.The musical numbers that stood out were the songs about lessons that the oompa loompas sang.It was charming and

      catchy.I enjoyed the one about Augustus Gloop the most.There were also other great musical numbers such as when Charlie and his grandpa joe discover they have won a golden ticket and sang and danced about thier good luck and fortune.Thier singing and expressions were bright and cheerful like they should be.Grandpa Joe was a joy to look at.He had so much energy for an elderly man.The acting was very good.The actor who portrayed Charlie was wonderful.It seemed as if he was acting like the movie was a reality.He portrayed the kind and gentle boy that charlie was well.The actor who played Veruca Salt was very convincing as a spoiled,rotten child.One of the best actors was the guy who played Willy Wonka,Gene Wilder.His portrayal of the chocolate factory owner was stern but was warm and gentle which was needed in the movie.Gene’s portral of willy wonka was very fitting.The movie adaption is not exactly the same as the book but is still very heartwarming and enjoyable that puts you in a good mood.It is a great and relaxing movie that all ages will enjoy.

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