Pharex Vitamin B Complex Anti-neuritis Tablet
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  • I believe the particular brand can be dispensed in drugstores without a doctor’s prescription, nonetheless just like any generic drugs
  • Obviously, I recommend the medicine for people suffering from nerve inflammations or to improve the health of your reflexes taken as a daily supplement

    • by jhunie


      I was diagnosed with acute neuritis once in my life. The affected body part, of all the functional parts, involved my left hand. At such condition, I feel a surge of painful sensation running along my wrist. It’s the result of poor body mechanics at work, even at home coupled with frequent wrist actions as a passionate tennis buff who enjoys playing on the court occasionally. Being ambidextrous, I usually don’t have problems joggling between my two hands. I assumed it was just a simple wrist strain though I already had in mind that it could be something as worse as a Carpal tunnel syndrome. It turned out to be a similar condition, except that an inflamed nerve seemed to sound more gravely urgent than the former. The physician formulated a medical intervention that mostly involved some physical therapies done on my left hand and a few medicines to be taken regularly. I was prescribed

      to take Pharex Vitamin B Complex which I initially thought to be a supplement, but the notes on the drug prescriptions revealed it’s intended to remedy my neuritis.

      Vitamin B Complex is what constitutes the tablet to be administered twice daily. I believe the particular brand can be dispensed in drugstores without a doctor’s prescription, nonetheless just like any generic drugs. The first five days, I had to endure the debilitating pain that’s predominantly present on my left hand. I couldn’t do any extensive manual gestures or the pain will shot up like an electric current. Following the painful ordeal, it got easier eventually as the intensity of the pain became less palpable. It’s a good thing I tend to have a higher tolerance for physical pain, otherwise I could opt for a potent analgesic to numb the pain.

      In a matter of almost 2 weeks, I was able to resume to my normal work activities. I became mindful ...

      • about my every gesture, making sure that I observe proper postural mechanics while placing my arms at a favorable length so my muscles and nerves aren’t obstructed or twitched. I only had to take Pharex once daily then. I began to notice more positive changes after getting the medicine slash supplement, in about a month, my hands became steadier. My shaky reflexes weren’t bad as before. Whenever I get anxious, it’s a usual occurrence that my hands get shaky and I often have to hide my nerves or else it can be quite obvious. Now I can control my reflexes without minding my hand gestures.

        In terms of sports activities, my oh so nimble lower limbs often give up too soon. A physically strenuous job of covering and running all over the courts could cause minor muscle spasms. My legs especially get fatigued and start shaking. At present, I can withstand hours of playing without a

        shaky gait. My joints seem fairly stronger too. I’ve been regularly taking generally vitamin B supplements in the past but I’ve never seen this much improvement. I still get episodes of nerve pains in my hand but only at rare occasions, I just pop this, double the dosage and I’ll be alright.

        The tablet has a common bitter aftertaste typical of medicines. It’s actually half the size of a regular tablet, it’s petite like those aspilets I’ve known as a child. The formulation includes a variety of vitamin b, there’s b1 which comprises most of the tablet at 100 mg, vitamins b12 and b6 are roughly in micrograms. Obviously, I recommend the medicine for people suffering from nerve inflammations or to improve the health of your reflexes taken as a daily supplement. It costs just a few cents a tablet. This deserves a perfect 10 for me.

    Evelyn Villaluz says :

    Is Rhea Vitamin B Complex C effective in anti neuritis?
    jhunie replies :

    hi, I have never taken such supplement, but it might be a generic counterpart of Pharex. Pharex is generically known to have vitamin B1, B6, and B12, no Vitamin C, though. So I suggest you compare them both if they are exactly the same - you might have found yourself a substitute. hope it works for you
    lovely says :

    How much is the price per box for pharex B complex?
    Galega says :

    599 Peso for one pack (100 pieces)

    You have not mentioned the country of your residence making it really tough to give you exact price. The price of medicine depends, largely, on the prevalent tax structure apart from many other factors like the Government policies.

    The origin of this medicine is Philippines,and it is also the most popular B-complex there. I assume you are from Philippines and hence have given you price for Philippines. If you are from any other country, please leave a comment.
    Victor says :

    I feel numbness and nimbling of my hands,body and feet. Is taking pharex B complex the right vit med for me?
    jhunie replies :

    In a similar case, I was prescribed to take this supplement-cum-medicine when I had musculo-skeletal problems before. I think it`s perfectly safe if you try this. but i was also advised to rest those affected areas for several days. hope that also works for you.
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