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  • Our frozen drinks have a reputation for being smooth and creamy, not icy with chunks of ice floating around and I was worried our reputation may suffer for a few days until a suitable replacement could be found

    • by Amy

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      I am going to start right out by saying that this is an awesome blender! It seems rather strange to get excited over a blender but this is really a good one.

      I own a coffee shop and use a blender 25+ times per day making frozen drinks, slushes and smoothies. I used a Hamilton Beech blender for 1 1/2 years and it finally wore out mid-day so, in a pinch, we replaced it with the GE Digital Blender Model Number 169202.

      I was skeptical at first because no research went into the purchase.

      We literally had to go into the store, pick out a blender, buy it and dash back to the coffee shop.

      Our frozen drinks have a reputation for being smooth and creamy, not icy with chunks of ice floating around and I was worried our reputation may suffer for a few days until a suitable replacement could be found. So, I filled the blender with ice and other ingredients, turned it on and… it was quieter than is predecessor! I smiled in approval. Next, the blender automatically slowed its speed allowing the contents ...

      • to settle and fill the air gap that develops between the blades. I was impressed. I allowed the 600watt blender to pulse through three rotations of high speed/low speed before stopping it and pouring the contents into the cup. As I poured the frozen drink out, I could see that the consistency was smooth. Actually, smoother than our other machine had produced! I tasted the drink. Perfection! I was and still am excited over how smooth this blender blends ice! The blades are serrated so that helps to pulverize
        the ice.

        The glass jar holds 48oz. of ingredients and has no problem churning through an entirely full jar of ice. It has program controls which allow you to choose settings for delicate foods such as salsas to hard chunks of ice. The blue display screen is very easy to read. I always use speed setting 12 and have had no reason to use settings 1 – 11 so I cannot comment on them but for what I use this blender for, it works fabulously! We even bought a second as a back up.

    Betty Johnson says :

    Where can I find a replacement jar for GE digital blender 169202? I see many replacement parts but they are for Hamilton Beach, Waring or Oster. Is there a compatible one somewhere?
    paul wasielewski says :

    where can i find a replacement jar for model number 169202
    anu says :

    where can i find replacement blades for this item and how much does it cost? the plastic part underneath the jar attached to the blades, and held by a nut broke down. i guess i need the entire blade part to fix the problem ..
    Albertoc C. says :

    where can find replacment jar for blender model 169202, thank You.
    Doug W says :

    You can’t. I just got off the phone with GE / Walmart Customer Service. Bottom line, if it’s out of warranty, they don’t support it. There’s a 2 year warranty. Look on the outside of the “wide” electrical plug blade for a 4-digit number, like “1002″. This tells you when the unit was mfg. “1002″, for example, means the 2nd week of 2010. If this date is more than 2 years ago, GE won’t stand behind the unit. They don’t have parts, they won’t sell you a part. They tell you to look online and good luck. I told the CSR supervisor that this basically tells me that GE doesn’t want me to buy any GE products. She said that, “The 2 year warranty is very generous”, and, “It’s like a car that is one mile out of warranty, the mfg won’t fix it.” I corrected her that it was not remotely comparable. A car out of warranty can still be repaired, at a cost, and part are available, from a fan belt to the entire engine, as long as you pay for it. I’ll never buy a GE product again.
    Jules says :

    You can get a replacement jar here:
    Tim says :

    This blender is CRAP. I called GE directly for customer support and was told to Google 169202 parts OR to take it to a small appliance repair shop in town. Unbelievable that a manufacturer cannot offer support for a product they make. AGAIN, another reason why Made in China is a bad, bad idea. Ugh
    Rob says :

    Agreed, this has to be the least well thought out blender in the history of blenders. The part under the glass jar that splines with the blades and the drive shaft is made of cheap plastic. This is the part that takes all of the torque, especially when you add ice. The very first time I put an ice cube in this thing, it totally locked up and fully melted the plastic part. Reviews where people say they’ve had good luck with this, especially in a commercial use, are full of crap. This thing didn’t survive one ice cube
    Greg says :

    Same thing. The plastic part broke loose from the blade assy. had the blender 2 years, started using it 4 weeks ago. I was real impressed with the blender until I found out you can’t buy parts for it. Pretty sad, everything is in prefect condition but the blade assy. Never buy this make again
    Roger says :

    I have a GE / Walmart blender model 168986. I needed the cutter blade assembly as the original leaks slightly. GE / Walmart does not have P/N 280531 (cutter assembly) available any longer. Hamilton Beach cutter assembly P/N 990048200 works on my blender. The plastic housing and cutter blades are more substantial than the GE / Walmart. My blender has the six tooth drive.

    where can i find replacement blades for this item and how much does it cost? the plastic part underneath the jar attached to the blades, and held by a nut broke down. i guess i need the entire blade part to fix the problem…..
    Tim says :

    Did you have any luck Miguel? I have the same exact issue and it looks like you cannot purchase repair parts anywhere, which is kind of remarkable considering how far the internet can reach parts of the world you wouldn`t think possible.
    fred beyers says :

    Must admit, the blender does a good job of blending–as long as it works I have two–one spun a while back so I cleaned up around the nut and super-glued it…however, by the time the glue dried, my wife had bought a new one, so I tried the older one–it worked but decided to use the new one and stored the older one. Yesterday the new one spun and I got out the old one–it is currently working, but I am limiting the load–i.e. adding in ingredients, especially frozen, rather than all at once. Will be getting super glue today to make repair.
    Checked for manufacture date on plug blade–one was 0927, the other blank–assume blank one is the older??

    Was surprised to turn the motor over and find specific label for Walmart Stores on it–but have found similar occurrences of special models for Walmart–even John Deere.
    Samuel Pacheco V zquez says :

    Quiero saber cu nto cuesta la blender g.e 169202 por favor quieto saber su precio porque quiero comprar una muchas gracias por su atenci n
    Jim Castillo says :

    What a piece of crap. I also just got off the phone with their support center just to hear that GE does not have parts for sale for this particular blender. My main base just cracked (piece of shit quality)and now I cannot get a replacement part. They told me that “I would need to buy a new blender”. Well GE, I will never buy any products from you.
    Karen Lewis says :

    I dont know how long ago this was posted but I need the glass jar for this blender. It got dropped and I love this blender. Did you still have the glass jar? I would love to buy it from you if you do. Please let me know asap
    GE model number 169202
    Thank you
    Jules says :

    You can purchase the replacement part here:
    Frank says :

    My board just gave out, pretty shitty blender as everything is in perfect shape but the board seems to have burnt….smoke was coming out at one point. Not sure what happened but the thing was vibrating much more than usual when I was making hummus. Then the smoke came out a little, and it would not start anymore. I am looking for the board if available. My blade is in great condition. Thanks
    Oli says :

    Does anyone have a glass jar for sale please E-mail me at olivia_iruegas[at]
    Maria says :

    If anyone is going to throw out their blender . . . I’d be willing to buy the glass jar from you, or else sell you my blade or stand. Maybe we can work something out so that at least one of us has a whole blender.
    Sandy says :

    Are you still selling the blade?
    Maria Rodriguez says :

    If I still have it, I can certainly sell it to you. I have to check and make sure my hubby hasn’t dumped it in the garbage by now. Give me your email address and we can discuss privately.
    Om Singh says :

    I have glass jar and motor, however the blade unit is broken. Do you still want it??
    Oli says :

    I want it if it’s still available
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