Gerber Graduates Puffs, baby finger food snack
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  • I highly recommend this cute, tasty and healthy snack for your babies

    • by true_value

      There is no greater joy than to see your little one eating his/her food and enjoying it, especially when your baby is a very fussy and picky eater like mine.

      I got my exclusively breastfed baby started on semi solids from the 6th month onwards with little success. I offered her pre-mixed rice cereals, wheat cereals, homemade baby food, pureed fruits and vegetable but, she will eat only occasionally and in very small negligible quantities. She is 9 months now and still the same. She is not interested in any food and is content just with the breast milk.

      The doctor assured me not to be stressed and that baby will start eating when she is ready and advised me to keep offering her a variety of foods.

      I am constantly cooking up something new and in search of finding something that she might like

      to eat.

      Couple of weeks back while I was out for my grocery shopping, as always I checked the baby food section. This time I picked the Gerber Graduate Puffs, strawberry apple puffed grains with real fruit (dried apple and strawberry puree) made with Whole Grains (rice, wheat and oats), contains VITABLOCKS Nutrient Blend (Iron, Zinc and Vitamin E) and is designed to melt in mouth.

      The packaging is cute and colorful easy to hold plastic bottle. The label on the container is very informative. Apart from giving detailed description about the content it also has instruction clues on how to know if your baby is ready for the puffs.

      As mentioned on the pack, your baby is ready for this product if he or she: 1. Crawls with stomach off the floor 2. May pull self up to stand 3. Begins to ...

      • self-feed with fingers 4. Begins to use jaw to mash food

        According to this my baby was certainly ready and so I bought it.

        I was so happy to see that my baby really loved these little star shaped puffs. I gave it to her on a large plate so as to make it easy for her to pick and feed herself. At first I gave here about 10 puffs and I was happily surprised when she polished it off and wanted more. Out of curiosity, I tasted one myself and found it to be quite tasty with the prominent strawberry flavor and mild sweetness.

        These puffs are great because they are the right size for my little one to pick and pop into her mouth and does not get messy at all even if she spills on the bed or on the couch. Also,

        It does not crumble ike biscuits so no clean ups required.

        The bottle is also handy to carry along in my bag if I am taking my baby out. Whenever she gets a bit hungry I offer her the puffs and she enjoys it.

        This does not mean that I am relying totally on this and have given up trying other homemade food. I am still trying but I am little less worried knowing that at least she is getting some essential nutrients especially Iron (which might be lacking in breast milk) from the snacks.

        It is a fun way of enriching your little one’s diet with essential nutrients. The other available flavors are Banana, sweet potato, sweet corn, cherry, peach and apple cinnamon.

        I highly recommend this cute, tasty and healthy snack for your babies. I am sure they will enjoy it too.

    true_value replies :

    hi, it is formulated for toddlers and babies so it shouldn`t be something to worry about. Not sure if you are planning on avoiding sweetness altogether in your baby toddler`s diet.
    fidah says :

    Hello. My baby loves eating gerber graduates puffs as a snack. What worries me is, when i eat them, i can taste the sweetness of it. So my question is, is it ok for babies or toddles to eat them? Will there be no dental problem occured? Thanks.
    Dhanya says :

    You can give snacks with sweet flavor. But do not give it frequently. Baby teeth should be well maintained. After having sweet food and choclates baby can be given hot water. And kid should be encouraged for washing mouth after eating sweet food
    crystal says :

    my child has been eating these for awhile with no problem. they are minimally sweetened and don’t contain too much sugar. if you are worried about the sugar you should try the organic brands as they only use natural fruit juice to sweeten.
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