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  • There I was recommended these pills called Dormidina, so I decided to buy a pack of 16 pills

    • by Cal

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      For a while I was feeling stressed, and because of that I started having problems to sleep. At first I didn’t want to go to the doctor, so I went straight to the pharmacy and asked if they had something that could help me to get some sleep.

      There I was recommended these pills called Dormidina, so I decided to buy a pack of 16 pills.

      The pills are all blue, and as

      the pamphlet said, you have to take one pill, that contains 25 grams, before going to bed.

      I did so, while wishing that it would really help me, as I really needed to get some good rest.

      After half an hour more or less I started to feel very sleepy.

      The first day I wasn’t still on bed at that time, but my body started telling me to go immediately to bed, and ...

      • I slept great that night.

        The following days that I felt I needed help to sleep, I went to bed quickly, so it would happen when I’m lying relaxed.

        The days I was taking these pills I almost didn’t wake up at all at night.

        It’s true that I woke up at least once, but it was worse before, waking up up to 10 times.

        It can happen that, if you take them

        for a while, you can still feel very sleepy the next morning.

        That is when I decided to give them a rest, but in the pharmacy I remember that I was recommended to just reduce the dosis if that happened.

        Overall, they worked well.

        It’s better not to abuse this kind of medicine, as the body has to learn by itself, but for those days that you really need to get good rest and your body refuses, they work great for me.

    caroline says :

    Good evening to all,

    i moved some weeks ago to Scotland and wanted today to buy dormidina in the pharmacy and had the medication box with me. I used to buy it in Spain.Well, the pharmacist could not help,he never heard from this before and did not make any effort it simply doesn’t exist here.
    Well now, looking in the website, it seems to be possible and even has the same name.
    Can somebody tell me where i could buy it here?

    Many thanks to you
    wishing you a great evening
    Patricia says :

    I get Dormidina in Spain but buy 0ne a Night Nytol in England.
    Maria says :

    take 25mg..not 25g
    Susan says :

    re : There I was recommended these pills called Dormidina, so I decided to buy a pack of 16 pills
    I have taken these tablets when I am really desperate and haven’t had a decent nights sleep say for 4/5 nights but I break it half and only take half/ If you take them regularly your body will get use to them, and will loose I would suggest only use really necessary.
    I too purchased them in Spain over the counter at the pharmacy but they not available in Uk.
    Galega says :

    Actually, all sleeping pills come with lots of side effects. Not only your advise about taking it when necessary, but users must take it only under medical supervision. Try to get rid of the underlying problem which is not letting you sleep rather than using a sleeping pill.
    Catia Luis says :

    Hi, sorry but did you wake up ok or was it very hard to wake up the next morning? I`m always worried about taking this kind of pills as I`m affraid I can`t wake uo the other day… Thanks a lot
    Cal replies :

    Well, apart from feeling sleepy, I didn`t really have any problem to wake up in the morning. These pills are not specially strong, so I think you don`t need to worry.
    Dermot McDermott says :

    I bought these pills in Spain and apart from getting a great sleep the quality of my dreams improved, I break them in half and they work fine, I would rather feel a little drowsy in the morning rather than waking up like a sleep deprived lunatic. I don’t take them every night, twice a week will do
    kim j says :

    I took 5 during the night and still did not sleep, no fear of u not waking up, I did not take them all together about 1 every hour, still didn t sleep but I did feel very relaxed
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