Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2300
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  • The second problem that seems to occur a lot is that the box all of a sudden decides to reboot itself
  • However, the reason I noticed this was because the cable's on demand service was offering free HD movies on demand

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      If you are considering purchasing this cable box, or if your cable company tries to give you this box as part of your cable package, my advice would be to smile nicely and then politely decline.

      For starters, this piece of electronic equipment already looks  outdated, and yet we are in 2010.  It is a remarkably large square box, dark grey in color (probably its only redeeming feature) and exceedingly bulky looking.  When given by the cable company, it comes with no instructions!  I could not believe this. I was told simply to plug it in and not worry about any of the buttons or ports. Again, to me this is unsatisfactory.  What do the buttons do?  What are the ports for?

      The front of this box

      does indeed have a plethora of buttons and both a square port and a card slot. As you have no instructions, it is impossible to say for sure what any of these are, except for the power button.  One good thing is that the time sets automatically when the box is plugged into the power.   

      As to operation, it works ok most of the time.  I am not sure whether the problem is the box or the cable company but there are two problems that seem to occur on very frequent occasions. The first is that very often the onscreen guide will just freeze.  Quite literally, no matter what you press, it takes ages to change screen and displays a blank information screen or a ...

      • blank guide screen. Worse, sometimes it freezes the television screen. At the beginning, I would call the cable company.  They would tell me that there was nothing wrong with the signal, nothing wrong with the cable, in fact nothing wrong.  Their advice was basically to unplug everything, wait thirty seconds and try again.  Did that and guess what? It worked.   So as I said I do not know if the problem is them or with the box, but ever since then, whenever I have had the same issue, the whole rebooting trick has worked.

        The second problem that seems to occur a lot is that the box all of a sudden decides to reboot itself.  Again, is this the box or the cable company?  In

        either case, the reboot can take anything between a minute and ten minutes during which time you are powerless to do anything except watch the blue screen, and wonder what is happening in that film you were in the middle of watching.    

        Finally, this box does not have HD capability.  Granted that if you don’t have an HD subscription, it is unlikely to be a problem. However, the reason I noticed this was because the cable’s on demand service was offering free HD movies on demand.  When I clicked on one to watch, a message came up saying that the box was incompatible.   

        All in all, I am not a fan of this cable box and can’t wait to switch to a different one   

    Price Tarleton says :

    I am looking at my model 2300, but can not`see’ a portal I need. Does this model have an HDMI plug in portal? The flat screen TV has 2 HDMI ports. The 2300 has a port on the front that at first glance look like an HDMI port, but the HDMI cable does NOT fit - further examination shows this`port’ is`square shaped’

    Any and all answers will be appreciated

    I just noticed the port on front of box that seemed at first glance to be an HDMI port, but turned out to be a square port - what is the purpose of the square port on this model? Using the square port and an`entrance’, is there any`adapter’ existing that can be cobbled onto my 6 foot HDMI cable, with the result that that procedure will cause the HDMI CIRCUIT TO FUNCTION, AND ALLOW ME TO RECEIVE TRUE HD RECEPTION - The HDMI cable I purchased is labeled`Full HD 1080p - the front of the flat screen says 1080i - Am I in`sync’ or completely going down the wrong road?

    Understand I am not a TV`geek’ and may be asking out of ignorance - Another interesting fact (maybe), I’m 84 years old - Should I just give up and contract this effort out to someone who knows what they are doing? Awaiting someone’s advice
    RS staff says :

    No sir, it doesn’t have HDMI port. Here is the manual (pdf file):

    The square port you see on the front panel is the USB port.
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