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  • One problem that I have is unwanted hair, I don’t have enough time and the patience to remove it “manually”, and shaving as I believed darkens the underarm

    • by angeljhing89

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      I am a call agent and at the same time a student which means that I constantly look for products to make my daily routine a lot easier and faster. One problem that I have is unwanted hair, I don’t have enough time and the patience to remove it “manually”, and shaving as I believed darkens the underarm. I have tried many products such as hair

      minimizing cream, veet ready to use wax and hair removal cream but to no avail.

      Onetime, while I am in my quest of looking for something, I came across this product, “ JTomas Kin Solutions No Hair Wax Kit with Mangosteen extract Unwanted Hair Remover”. It is designed for face, arms, underarms, back, bikini area, and legs. The packaging was so promising. It says that it is “revolutionary, safe, and made easy in removing unwanted hair of men and women. It promises to eliminate the weekly razor. No harsh chemicals, no unpleasant smell that may cause allergies and rashes. Removes hair down to the roots leaving silky smooth and free of unwanted hair for weeks”. Isn’t that nice? Imagine no rashes and removes the hair down to the roots. So I ...

      • JTomas Kin Solutions No Hair Wax Kit with Mangosteen extract Unwanted Hair Remover
      immediately bought it and was so excited to use it at home.

      In the comfort of my room, I read the instruction carefully and follow the steps. All I need to do is to apply the wax on my underarm put the strips and leave it for a recommended minutes. Then the time came for me to remove the strip..1..2..3..then the strip was removed… the wax was

      still in my underarm so is my hair..Oh no not again..So I tried to put another strip and waited for a longer time. Then removed the strip again, and again and again… the hair is still there so is the messy stick wax.

      My advice to all girls who have the same dilemma as me, don’t buy things because of the promise it puts on its label or commercial.

kirsten says :

think the problem lies in JTomas’ wax strips.The old ones which have a smooth side works perfectly but now the strips included in th kits are different.Both sides are rough contrary to the instructions in the pack.The company must look into thi.It would be a waste for a rather effective product to not work because of the wrng strips.

Denzia says :

Same dilemma.. I wasted 300php for this brand.

macy says :

Hi I just wanna ask how to use your waxing kit. because I`ve lost the instruction guide included in the box. thank you.

Jennifer Davis says :

Hi Macy,

I have never used this particular waxing kit, but I have used others and I can give you some instructions based on personal experience. Hope this helps.

Before I move forward I would like to take the opportunity to say that the hair on your legs (or whatever part your are waxing) should be long enough for the wax to attach and grab the hair. Usually most at home wax kits require for hair to be at least 1/4 inches long. My suggestion is to go about a week or so without shaving to ensure that the hair is long enough. If you don’t then the wax won’t be able to grab the hair and the product will be completely ineffective.

Before I start waxing my legs I usually like to have

1. A Gentle Body Scrub for exfoliating the area

2. Baby oil for use after waxing to help ease the area

3. Several towels for cleaning up drips and spills

4. A wax heater to keep the most appropriate temperature (usually indicated on the back of the box) but usually that is about 109 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use a microwave or a hot sink full of hot water, but it will require reheating during the waxing procedure.

5. Powder for absorbing an excess liquid on the legs ( or other area that you are waxing)

6. Soft Cloths for wiping off the legs after waxing

7. Also, I like to use some orajel numbing cream while I am waxing to help numb the pain, but you can also use Iburpofen if you are very sensitive. If you use Ibuprofen then I suggest taking it at least a half hour before you wax.

8. The waxing kit….lol , there have been times where I have set everything else out only to realize I never went and bought the at home waxing kit.

After I have all that together then I can start waxing.

Step 1: I like to gently exfoliate the area that will be waxed before I start waxing to allow for the removal of any extra dead skin cells and help the hairs to stand straighter. I prefer to exfoliate the night before I wax, but it isn’t necessarily a requirement.

Step 2: Take the ibuprofen if you are using it (personally I prefer the orajel) then wash and dry your legs thoroughly. You will want to make sure that the skin is completely dry so I like to sprinkle some medicated powder on my legs. The medicated powder gives a cooling sensation that helps ease the pain of waxing ( at least it feels like it does to me). The powder will absorb any extra water.

Step 3: Spread out a few towels so that any drips of wax will be caught in the towel and can just be washed out instead of causing a mess on your bathroom floor.

Step 4: Open the waxing kit and heat the wax to the required temperature. Personally, I just use a wax heater because it maintains a set temperature so I don’t have to worry about constantly reheating the wax. You will want the wax to remain at the constant temperature so that the wax remains the correct consistency.

Step 4: Apply the wax to your leg, I prefer to apply it with a spatuala and to apply from the bottom of my leg to the top. I just feel like this allows the wax to grab the hairs on my legs more efficiently. That being said, when I first started waxing I didn’t do a good job of wiping off the spatula after I applied the wax each time. After each application I suggest wiping off the spatula because the residue will harden and will cause the hot wax to be splotchy and you wont get even results.

Step 5: Apply the strip provided in the kit to the waxed area making sure to smooth out the strip so that there are no air bubbles. Personally I rub the strip 10 times to ensure that it is applied correctly. Once that is done grab the bottom of the strip and pull in the opposite direction the hair grows. It can be tempting to pull the strip slowly to try and minimize the pain, but it doesn’t work. Pull the strip in one fluid motion so that the wax and hair all come off. Trying to pull the strip off slowly will leave clumps of wax and clumps of hair on your legs that will be difficult to get off. Repeat this step until you have waxed the desired area.

Finally: Once you have finished waxing, gently apply baby oil with a soft clean cloth to not only clean off any residue but also to help soothe the waxed area. Then, turn off the wax heater or pull the wax out of the water to allow it to cool. I don’t usually use the wax again, because I am afraid of germ contamination so I just throw it out. However, some kits do contain enough for multiple uses.

I hope this helps you.

Ren says :

Same thing happened to me ( The product is really not effective. Ive done it many times. It just caused my skin to become red bec of repeated wxing cuz it doesnt really works.

Alice Manyanga says :

I thought I missed a step when not a single hair came out with the strip. Now that I have read other reviews, it confirms that this product is a complete crap.

Clem says :

This product actually works for me. I use the same kit although I think it’s the yellow one I’m using not Mangosteen, same brand anyways. The things you state here happens to me too just because whenever I start with the procedure I always confuse myself with the direction of the hair growth and if I have to pull towards or away. I’d read again but I lost the leaflet so I do a little testing every new session.

Exfoliate before waxing and no products (e.g. deodorants, lotions, oils, etc) applied before waxing. The same with sweat and anything of the likes. Besides it’s advisable to clean the area first that’s a no-brainer. What I do is have a damp warm towel to place over the area so that pores will open then pat it dry then put talcum powder before putting just the right amount of the wax. Not to thick, not to thin. Then pull. In my case the pulling towards and away as I’ve said is experimental for the first try every time, including the rough side down. Hihi. I’m forgetful like this. And results are also to blame since after waxing hair growth takes a longer time making me forget the basics again and again.

Practice makes perfect. I got pro results when I first waxed but it took me an hour including the deciphering. And that’s not just one strip then voila You get better as you get used to it. Also if it really is any different, maybe the yellow regular type is really much better than the mangosteen variant.

P.S My first bottle of this No Hair Wax Kit is just about to be finished. I’m gonna get a new one soon and probably not the Mangosteen kind anymore.

Joan says :

I bought the same product just last week and was very excited to use it for the 1st time but I was just dismayed to discover that Jtomas No Hair Wax Kit isn’t effective. I felt really bad about it. It’s a bit expensive and you will just found out that the product is useless. Spending your money for nothing. I wonder why few stores were still selling this kind of products.

Magaux Villamayor says :

I’m so excited to use it. But when i tried it, it’s not effective I’m so dissapointed. Sayang lang yung 299pesos ko na pinag-bili ko dyan

lean says :

Hi I bought one too this J thomas no hair wax with mangosteen extract…. and I thought i made a mistake in following the directions but its seems its true this product is NOT effective its sticky but doesn’t stick the hairs. I should have read the review before buying this product its expensive . After I tried many failing times I decided to look for a consumer’s number and there’s none this should be pulled out from the shelves … where can I return this i want my money back this a fraud product if its not then there’s something wrong with this product.

sdeen murchante says :

this product didn’t worked for me..not a single hair was pulled …there’s nothing indicated in the instructions of how many minutes the wax should stay longer..

Jennifer Davis says :

the wax should not stay on your legs too long. Once you put the wax on you should immediately apply the strip and smooth it out. Once it is smooth, remove the strip going the opposite way of the hair. If you allow the wax to dry too much, it wont pull the hair out, but will simply flake away.

Rea says :

re : One problem that I have is unwanted hair, I don’t have enough time and the patience to remove it “manually”, and shaving as I believed darkens the underarm
I thought Im the only one who hates this product. This is the most ineffective product I have ever used, and to think that I have shelled out P300 for this crap. I agree with one reviewer, I also want my money back.
I bought it in Robinsons Malate last week and Im so excited to use it today. I even followed the instruction word by word. But after about 10 or more times of trying, there was not a single hair that has been pulled by the wax, until my skin became so red and bruised by too much trying. I tried it thin, I tried it thick (wax) but still no effect..and to think that its so pricey I wouldnt even mind the price if only it delivers what the product promised on its label…

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