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  • It provides an amazing 100 MBPS connectivity and unleashes the capabilities of the Internet surfing
  • I have been using this modem over two years now and its been a satisfying experience for me to work with this excellent modem
  • I am totally satisfied with its performance and recommend it for all those who want to connect it on the net through the broadband

    • by Nancy \vinay

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      To get connected on Internet through Broadband Network you require to install a ADSL modem. Out of hoards of modems available, i choose HUAWEI because it gives value for your money.

      Priced at $25 this modem

      is surely going to sweep you off your feet.

      It provides an amazing 100 MBPS connectivity and unleashes the capabilities of the Internet surfing.

      I have been using this modem over two years now and its been a satisfying experience for me to work with this excellent modem.

      Other than providing me fast connectiivty it also gives an excellent user interface.

      One can programme it according to the the requirment.

      Auto connectivity ...

      • HUAWEI  SmartAX MT880 ADSL Modem
      is also possible, through this you can always remain connected as long as you log in to the windows.

      The same modem can be proggrammed for multiple connections and one can easily share internet connection in

      office or any multiuser environment.

      We have been using this marvelous modem in our office also.

      I am totally satisfied with its performance and recommend it for all those who want to connect it on the net through the broadband.

john says :

how to configure the Huawei Smartax MT880 MODEM to LINKSYST ROUTER? I want to use a wireless by using the linksyst router. thanks. john
Jules Li says :

John, this would depend a lot on the the model of the linksys router. However, once you have it connected to your router, open a browser and enter, and press enter. This opens the router’s settings. From here you can create the name and password for the wireless network. It’s impossible to be more specific without knowing which type of router you are using.
Galega says :

Let me show you how I had connected them (note, I was using BSNL Broadband with this router and modem). First of all, you should note down all of your previous settings, including IP address. Now proceed:
Unplug the network cable connected to your current Modem.
Plug the network cable (Mine was Blue) which comes with the Router Box pack to your computer. The other end goes into any of the Router Ethernet Port (1 or 2 or 3 or 4).
Now type in in Chrome or Edge or Firefox. You will be prompted for a password which is admin. You must be logged in to Linksys Router.
Now since your ADSL modem also has the same IP, we will change the IP address for Router to
Under Setup Basic Setup look for Network Setup and Change Router IP. Change to and Save changes.
Since the IP has changed, you will need to close the Browser.
kabugi says :

i want the mt880 drivers
Jules Li says :

Here’s a link to a website to download the driver:
Galega says :

Driver is now automatically installed when the modem is installed. What if it has not? In that case, use the CD which was provided to you with the kit containing this modem? Well, what if that CD has also been lost? Then, visit a Huawei store near you and request for the same. They should help you out. Finally, what if there isn t any Huawei Store near your home? In that case, use a third party website to download the driver. Ensure to select the correct model before downloading.
Shailesh says :

I use Vista on my home Pc and it cannot access Hotmail and few other websites. Does it have drivers firmware for Vista home premium or do I need to buy a new one ?
Jules Li says :

If you have access to the internet, it’s unlikely to be an issue with the modem. If the problem is only happening when trying to go to specific websites, it could be a software problem. I would first suggest trying a different computer with the modem. This would help to determine if there’s a problem with the modem.
Galega says :

You are able to access internet. However, you are not able to access Hotmail. That’s the problem, which is obviously not related to the modem. There can be two reasons behind this - the security settings of your laptop or a problem with the internet cache. You may also want to check whether you have erroneously blocked hotmail or not.
Edmund says :

hi guys, i have a smartax mt880 adsl modem, works n connects well to the internet but i tried to share it btn my desktop and laptop using a switch but failed do i have to buy a router, or it cant be shared since i read that some isp providers don`t want their internet shared. pliz help me
Jules Li says :

This would depend on your internet provider. However, I’ll say that you’re usually able to connect a router using any internet provider. I’m not sure of your internet provider, but I would suggest checking with them about this to be sure.
Galega says :

Nowadays, ISPs have no problem in sharing internet connection by their consumers. You can share your internet connectivity with as many devices in your household as you want. The speed will suffer, though. For this purpose, you can use router.
danish says :

can you please tell me how to block adult side from modem thanks
Jules Li says :

You will need to set up the access controls. Open a browser window. Enter and hit enter. You will be required to entered your username and password. Select Access control, and then click on host. Set the controls that you desire here. Once you’re done click save.
Phil Davidson says :

I’d do it via DNS settings:
or Norton DNS:
HABIB says :

Jules Li says :

First, access the user interface for your router by entering the IP address into a web browser. It’s usually However, if you changed it, you need to enter the IP address here. Click on the settings tab and then click security. You will then have an option to set the password. Click save once you’re done.
daniel says :

MY linux kubuntu dont recognize the Huawei Usb adsl modem and there are not lunix drivers in the cd gave with the hardware. can you send my de driver for linux or the correct link to them ????
Jules Li says :

There is not a Linux compatible driver that’s available. Unless the manufacturer releases a driver that’s compatible with Linux in the future, it will not function with Linux.
raj says :

how i check firmware in mt880 modem.and what is latest firmware
John says :

To check the modem’s firmware version, pull up the firmware screen and click on system information. The latest version is E.37.
Vinolan says :

i am having trouble getting my modem configured, i have contacted my service provider tried to get it setup but it just wont setup
Jules Li says :

You’re saying it won’t set up. However, you have to be more specific. There are tons of errors and issues that can happen when trying to configure a modem.
al says :

edmund you need to buy a router because it is not a dhcp server that would give of an IP to the devices that you will be using. frank try to put an IP address to the computer that is connected to the modem IP and the default gateway dns primary is and secondary is HTH..
Galega says :

The default IP address will work here: Once done, the login page will come where he will be required to fill all info. More importantly, all other addresses are filled automatically by default. The manufacturer understands this fact that the device may be handled by people who are not technically efficient and hence they try to keep everything simple and straight.
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