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  • I don't even remember why I decided to try it

    • by SoonerLater
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      Given the price increases over recent years, it’s easy to blame the government for the insane prices of our premium brands. Lots of taxes have been enacted that target law abiding tobacco users exclusively. For a while I assumed I was paying ever increasing amounts for Copenhagen as a result of taxes.

      When prices hit 5 bucks a can and there were bargain brands going for less than half that I had to rethink the whole

      getting screwed by taxes thing. The premium brands are charging more simply because they can.

      Which brings me to Grizzly. I don’t even remember why I decided to try it.

      As I indicated, I was a long time Cope fiend. In my mind, Cope is still the greatest smokeless tobacco available.

      I guess it’s like the difference between drinking Jack Black and Jack Green. You pay more for black, but you’re not entirely sure why.

      Grizzly ...

      • isn’t as smoky as Cope. Not as much flavor in the short-term or the long-term, but the flavor is more like Cope than any other alternative I’ve tried.

        A strange paradox is that while you’re more likely to find the occasional stem in Grizzly, even a can full of Grizzly stems wouldn’t burn out your lip as fast as a dip of Cope. I generally have a constantly augmented dip of Griz throughout the day, whereas

        doing the same with Cope would have (and has) made me do things like dip in my upper lip.

        So to summarize, if you like Cope but hate paying five bucks a can, give Grizzly Red a try. I’m still not sure why it’s so cheap, but I’m glad it is.

        Grizzly can be purchased anywhere finer cheap tobacco is sold, but if you get it at the WalMart gas stations like I do you can get five cans for ten bucks.

    Dinopid says :

    I used to think Cope was the best tobacco available. I have used it for years, but I got sicker and sicker. Soon before I tried other brands, I almost vomited every time I dipped it. Maybe getting older is more sensitive or just that I got more of its chemical into my body. So, I tried others and found Grizzly fine cut to be satisfied. Like you said it’s more similar to Cope. I agree. I stick with Grizzly for years and just for nostalgia, I tried Cope. I went oh wait, it has too much chemical and taste bad. I think Grizzly is the best available.
    Josh says :

    Just wondering if grizzly red is changing its flavor? I was buying it at my normal store, and right about the time the new can came out, the snuff from this store started to taste different. I purchased a few cans from there, and with the same results. So i started buying it somehwere else. The new place i started to go had the original taste. But here recently, i have gotten a few cans with the different flavor, and i must add, its not very good.
    Josh Barfield says :

    I too was a Cope fiend for a decade. I was at work one day with no dip (was running late that morning) and a friend let me bum a dip of griz red and I was really impressed, and immediately converted. I had tried red seal, timberwolf, etc., and had been generally disappointed. So anyway, on to my main point: I used to get a can of 1900 (now premium long cut natural) every now and then until about 90 days ago. I’ve noticed no difference in the fine cut red BUT the premium long cut natural now has a very distinct motor oil taste It used to be smoky and salty with a very faint sweetness…now all I taste is valvoline What’s up Grizzly? There’s no way people like this more than the way it was
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