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  • It's funny because he has to disguise himself because in the past people have lied to him about their identity

    • by C.Channing

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      Pineapple Express

      Rated R

      Director: David Gordon Green

      Cast: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride, Gary Cole, Rosie Perez

      Pineapple Express was a highly successful movie that made its way into theaters August 2008. The movie is about this guy, Dale Denton (Seth Rogen) who is the only eye witness to a crime and is now on the run from the people who knows he saw them.

      The movie begins with Dale Denton (Seth Rogen) smoking Marijuana in his car and making various phone calls. At first you think he’s giving advice to someone on the other end, but then you realize he’s calling in to various radio stations and giving his thoughts on random subjects. He actually gives his thoughts about drug dealers which will help you understand his character’s relationship with Saul. While calling in to the local radio stations, Denton is delivering legal documents to people–mainly subpoenas that people have been avoiding. It’s funny because he has to disguise himself because in the past people have lied to him about their identity. The funny part is when he delivers a subpoena to a guy who has been avoiding paying

      his Mastercard, and Denton takes some of the office food before he leaves.

      Next, you see Denton appear at a high school which his girlfriend attends. It’s funny because they get into an argument about him not being able to make to her house for dinner with her parents. It’s pure comedy because this grown man is having a relationship dispute with a high school student. Then a teacher comes over to them and starts badgering Denton about not having a visitor’s pass and they get into a war of words in the hallway. After seeing how his girlfriend is interacting with the guys her own age, he decides that he can make it to the dinner and then leaves cussing out the teacher on his way out.

      After leaving the school, Denton makes his way over to his dealer’s house who happens to be Saul (James Franco). Saul has a relaxed personality and it shows by the way he welcomes Denton in his house to stay for awhile. It also could have been the result of him smoking his own products. Saul introduces Denton to a new product ...

      • he has which is pineapple express. Apparently pineapple express is high quality Marijuana and only Saul has the product. He sells it to Denton; he invites him to stay and hang out, but Denton says he has to finish working.

        One of his subpoena runs is to a Ted Jones. Denton sees Ted Jones (Gary Cole) and a female cop (Rosie Perez) killing an Asian guy. In a state of shock, Denton starts choking on the Marijuana smoke and throws the end piece of what he was smoking out of the window. In an attempt to make a quiet getaway, Denton begins to panic and hits both of the cars in front of him and behind him; this causes the killers to see him and they run downstairs. Ted Jones runs into the middle of the road and smokes the ‘roach’ left in the street and realizes it’s his product, pineapple express. The movie goes nothing but up from there.

        Based on the trailers, I knew the movie was going to be good but I had no idea just how good it would be. James Franco was so good

        as his character, Saul. Everyone around him thinks he’s this stupid drug dealer, and it turns out that he was the smartest of all his friends. The only reason he started selling drugs was so that he could put his grandma in a good nursing home. There was so much humanity to Saul and normally you wouldn’t expect that from a drug dealer. Seth Rogen also did a good job as his character, Dale. He was the rational one of the group, but for someone reason had a hard time getting himself free of the mess he had gotten himself in. I would list all the funny moments, but it would be as long as a book. I also liked Danny McBride who played Red. Red was the one who turned Saul and Dale over to Ted Jones. Red was all about self-preservation and the fight scene with him, Dale, and Saul was too funny.

        “Pineapple Express” was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen since the movie “The Ref”. It was funny from start to finish, and I couldn’t stop watching it over and over again.

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