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  • If you like the other Walk Away the Pounds, I think it is similar enough so that you enjoy it, yet the jog intervals add a component to make it somewhat more challenging as well

    • by Jude244

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      Since my recent goal has been to try as many of Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds in home walk workouts as possible, I was thrilled when I saw a different series in a local store. As I was afraid I wouldn’t find them again; I ended up buying both the Walk and Jog, and the Power Mile DVDs from the series.

      The Walk and Jog DVD is a thirty minute power walking workout that uses Interval Training to help speed up the metabolism. As I am more than just a little familiar with the four basic moves used to create most of the workouts; I purchased this DVD in the hopes of seeing what little extras were included to make this one different.

      As it turned out, this workout

      is very similar to the other walk workouts in that it still uses all the core moves. The difference here lies in the two minute jog intervals interspersed throughout the walk workout. While most of the moves are the same, the jogging segments did introduce a few moves to the repertoire.

      Another notable change in this DVD is setting and size of the class. While I had become accustomed to the large class, the brick walls, and the colored insets of the opaque, arched, faux windows of the Walk Away the Pounds Express location, this other setting is totally different.

      Here she works out with four others, in a set that looks like a courtyard. There were mustard yellow walls, a smattering of greenery, two sets of arched Spanish style wooden ...

      • doors, and a few outdoor lanterns. It was a nice change of pace.

        We start with a warm up of the usual walk in place, side steps, knee lifts, and alternating kicks for a about two gentle sets. Next we move on to about three minutes of walking. First we go in a forward and back pattern; next we do a Tap Out which is a side step with a tap at the end. After that, we just go to a single side step, walk in place, single kicks, and knee lifts.

        From here, we go into the two minute Jog sequence that goes at a brisk pace forward and back, and then jogging in place. Next, we did jog knee kicks, and then back and forth between jogging in place

        and knee kicks. The music in the jog sequence sounds like an arcade game.

        After that we go back to the walk portion of the intervals and do the core moves to an old sounding club song that repeats the words “Moving On”, and “Work that Body”. It’s not a bad song, just a little dated.

        The rest of the workout cycles back and forth between three minute walk sections and two minute jog sections. If you like the other Walk Away the Pounds, I think it is similar enough so that you enjoy it, yet the jog intervals add a component to make it somewhat more challenging as well. I you’d like to try it, you can find it on Amazon for about 7.00 USD from a private seller.

    Beverly says :

    I walked to you 2 mile dvd and I walked 2 miles every other day outside. I developed a heel spur across the back of my heel. My shoe on that foot rubs a blister now and my ankle swells. My doctor put me in a boot for 6 wks but the heel spur irritates the tenden in the back of my leg. I am 58 yrs old and very obese. What can I do now? My doctor does not recommend surgery because it is not very successful usually and he says it is a rather involved ordeal. I can only wear backless sandals and shoes now because of blisters on my heel. I lost 30 pounds while I walked and was so motivated. Now I am very discouraged. What can I do?

    jude244 replies :

    Hi Beverly, First off, I d like to congratulate you on your 30 pound weight loss. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to be able to be able to accomplish such a feat. I know all too well how discouraging injuries can be, but if you can channel the energy you used to motivate your phenomenal results I m sure you and physician can jointly devise a regime that will continue your progress without risk of further injury. The most important thing to remember is that you have already come a long way. Let that sink in for a moment. Your weight loss is proof positive that you have what it takes to make your weight goal a reality. Unfortunately, a walk program may not be suitable given your current situation however, there are many other possibilities just waiting to be experienced. Just don t let a setback determine your future. While it is tempting to give up in times of crisis or pain, it can also be said that new challenges offer new possibilities. Use this time away from walking constructively. Perhaps your physician or physical therapist can recommend a type of fitness class offered locally which will provide both exercise and opportunities to make new friends who share common goals. You d be surprised how many classes are offered for free or for minimal amounts in libraries or community centers. If that s not to your liking, you may be instead interested in trying a fitness DVD that can be checked out at your library. Provided the type of exercise is physician approved, you may be able to check out things such as Yoga, Tai Chi, or a variety of other fitness disciplines and try them from the comfort of your home. Just remember the most important thing is your health and wellbeing. As your injury is recent, you may wish to avoid strenuous activity for the time being and would be ill advised to try any program without the expressed permission of your personal physician. I hope you feel better soon and wish you continued success on your weight loss journey. Sincerely, Jude

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