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Norco, CA
  • My wife and I decided that we wanted to get a dog
  • Tracy said that it was no problem that she had 66 dogs to choose from and several blues
  • The very last dog she brings out we found interesting

    • by Charlie
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      My wife and I decided that we wanted to get a dog. We had purchased a new home and it came with a very large yard. I had always had a dog growing up. She however, had not, she was a cat person if you will. She had met my dog while we were dating and she really liked her. She was a Weimananer. My wife liked the color a lot and so we knew we would get a dog with at least that coloring type. After a lot of searching we decided on three dogs. The Labrador, the Weimananer, and Great Dane. We found it difficult to find the right Labrador and Weimananer so we somewhat focused in on the Great Dane a bit more. After looking at several photos of them we definately decided we wanted a Blue because it was so similar to the Weimananer coloring.

      She does a lot of Internet searching to shop and find things and so she started by looking around the Internet. She found a lot of breeders and attempted to get a Great Dane from a breeder. However, there were requirements in order to get a dog from a breeder. They were requirements we could not meet. For instance, we were told we would have to show the dog and that

      was not something we were not prepared to do. Additionally, we were told that we would have to breed and they would keep at least one puppy. That was not something we were interested in either. We just wanted a family dog. A dog to keep my wife company all day while she was at home. A dog to go places with her.

      It was then we set our sights on adoption. I myself had never adopted a dog but we had adopted cats before. We also took in a few ferrets that were rescued. So we knew what adoption was and that sometimes you get imperfect animals. We were located in the North part of San Diego at the time and there just happened to be a Great Dane rescue within an hour of us. They had a large Internet prescence and it seemed as though they were the place to call for a Great Dane. So my wife placed a call. It is a message with information about who they are and what they do. It also informs you that there is a strict no browing rule. What they mean by that is that you cannot go and just look at Great Danes, you have to get one.

      When I heard that it made me a little uneasy but we went forward nonetheless. My wife ended up talking to Tracy Ward on the phone. My wife told her that she was a stay at home mother and that we had the required house, backyard, fence, and we were totally prepared to have the dog live indoors with us at all times. My wife also told her exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a blue Great Dane. Tracy said that it was no problem that she had 66 dogs to choose from and several blues. She said to bring $300 cash and if any of the dogs ended up being more than that, then we could write a check for the balance. So we get there and the place is very dirty. As we are pulling in we see a Great Dane in the front yard area dragging his behind around the yard. It was clear his back legs were not working.

      We walk in and Tracy tells us to be seated. So we sit on these dirty white plastic chairs. She first brings out her own pets. Avalanche the supposed world’s largest dog and some other ones. Then she brings out the adoptees. To say the least, we were not pleased with what we saw. Dogs that were terribly thin, worms coming out, bad legs, unbehaved, and the ...

      • Gentle Giants Rescue
      list goes on. The very last dog she brings out we found interesting. Of course that was the ONE show dog she had and the fee went up to $400. So we paid the money.

      She gave us a plastic bag with some pills and a paper towel with some writing on it. She also gave us a can of wet food in case she had trouble eating. We brought the dog home and it was a mess. I tried to get her into the bathtub because she smelled so bad. That did not go well but we did get her clean. My wife took her to the Vet and Tracy had told us that the dog we got was 18 months old. The Vet said she was 5 years old, had a heart murmur, and cataracts. She also had not been spayed nor had she had her shots. So my wife took care of all of that and called Tracy to tell her what the Vet said. Tracy replied with “I saw your dog run and she ran like an 18 month old.

      Vets that don’t work with Danes don’t know how they age so they always way over age them. Take her to another Vet for another opinion. ” So my wife takes the dog to another Vet and that

      Vet says the same exact thing. So my wife calls Tracy back and Tracy asks my wife to bring her up to her Vet in Norco. So my wife drives all the way back to Norco and Tracy’s Vet says that the dog is fine and there are no problems. So my wife takes the dog back to our house and the problems just continue. The dog chases our cat and she hides food and clearly has not only physcial problems but mental issues as well. We understand that with adoption you don’t always know the history of the dog. But we were completely mislead. We were told several things with this dog.

      We were told all her dogs were fixed, trained, had shots, and had been exposed to cats and other dogs. This dog was none of the above. We ended up returning her. We did not get our money back and we were out at least $2500 in training classes, Vet checks, spaying, shots, not counting the adoption fee and the time it took to try to fix this dog. There are many other horror stories about this “rescue”. You will see them all over the television doing all kinds of shows. Do not be fooled!

      And also, on a sidenote. The other half of Tracy Ward is Burt Ward. He was Robin in Batman and Robin on television.

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