The Nintendo Game Cube Memory Card
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  • Still if you only find grey ones, having 2-3 will be enough, but I recommend making a concerted effort to try and find a black one, as that will last you through many more games

    • by Shintai

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      Learning from their mistakes with the Nintendo 64 Memory Card, which wasn’t a bad memory card per se, but it had its serious flaws, Nintendo made the memory card for the Game Cube a far superior card that’s more user friendly to use compared to its clumsy predecessor.

      Well first of all, while the Nintendo 64’s memory card had no menu to speak of when you tried to access the memory files within it, the Game Cube memory card fixes this and offers no problems when trying to access the files. Simply turn on the Game Cube with the tray open, and you can access the files inside the card. Now, while this was a feature already present for the original PlayStation memory card, it wasn’t for the Nintendo 64, and it was pretty darn annoying. Now let’s talk about build quality.

      It’s actually built pretty well. It’s the smallest memory card I’ve ever seen, but it holds a decent amount of memory for such a small thing, especially if you find a black one like I do, those carry tons of memory. Still if you only find grey ones, having 2-3 will be enough, but I recommend making a concerted effort to try and find a black one, as that will last you through many more games. Well it also depends on how many games you have and want to play and how well you can manage your files, but trust me and stick with the black one. Anyways I went a bit off topic concerning the build quality. Like I said it’s the smallest of the memory cards of any system I’ve seen, but it’s also pretty sturdy. I’ve never, ever ...

      • had any issues with any Game Cube memory card, ever. I’ve never seen a broken one and I’ve never had them break down on me or have missing data for no reason. I am not really sure if I was just lucky, or what, but these are some really solid and well built pieces of plastic.

        Now, just like most other consoles that use memory cards, except for most of the Nintendo 64’s library, you need a memory card in order to save your files and enjoy your games, otherwise you can’t progress in any of your games and will be forced to start over every time you turn it off. A great thing about the Game Cube memory card is the fact that you can also put it into a Nintendo Wii as well as the Game Cube, furthering the usefulness

        of the memory card and the Nintendo Wii’s backwards compatibility with the Game Cube system.

        In the end, if you want to play Game Cube games, you need a Game Cube memory card, simple as that. If you get the grey memory card, it’s an 8 out of a 10 because of the memory limitations, if you find the black one; it’s a 10 out of a 10 because how much memory you can store in it, so I think that balances out to a 9 out of a 10 in general for the memory cards. In the end, I highly recommend the black one, and if you can’t find one, the grey one is a decent alternative, either way they’re well made and are essential for anyone who has a Nintendo Game Cube, or a Nintendo Wii and Game Cube games to go with them.

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