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  • Let me start by saying I love my Chesapeake Bay Retriever and plan on getting another in a few years

    • by mamajess

      Let me start by saying I love my Chesapeake Bay Retriever and plan on getting another in a few years. This is not the breed for everyone and please make sure you know what you are getting into. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is said to be the first American made dog. The story of this breed goes that one of the ships from England carrying colonists washed up with some British dogs on board in the Chesapeake Bay hence the name.

      Those first dogs were some type of retriever. The dogs then bred with the local dogs and over time they were bred more for hunting duck and breaking up logs and that is how we got the modern day breed. I do not know how much

      of that is true, but the American Kennel Club recognizes this breed and says that it is the first american only breed to be recognized by them.

      A chessie is similar to other retrievers and is most similar to a labrador retriever. They are around the same height and length and tend to be the same weight. The chessie is a little taller than a lab and his hind legs are taller than his front.

      The skull of these dogs is also larger allowing it to hold a larger duck without crushing it. Also the chest is more muscular and a little wider than a lab is usually. The other main differences between them and labs is the coat texture, labs tend to have more silky fur,

      • while Chesapeakes have a curly coat and two types of fur for water resistance.

        As far as personalities go the Chesapeake is a very stubborn dog who bonds very closely with his family. They are more protective than labs and care more for their families. My dog has his immediate family and then others he has decided are a part of his pack and he follows us around and sleeps on our feet.

        They are very loyal but you need to always be the boss with them. They are known for being stubborn and difficult to train. These dogs are amazing swimmers.

        Ours can swim for an hour and not get tired. Most people use these dogs for retrieving ducks because of their swimming ability.

        We have not hunted with ours, but know others who have and they all say what great hunting dogs they are.

        These dogs do not bark very much but they do have a deep loud bark that will scare off intruders. They tend to moan in a way specific to their breed and it is very annoying. I would not want to have this breed in an apartment unless you were sure you did not have a moaner as it is really loud.

        These dogs have the same need for getting rid of energy as labs. They need a daily run the first two years of their lives and do not stop being puppies until around 2. Expect your dog to calm down closer to 3 and be more mellow dog then.

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