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  • Also enjoyed the scene where Jacob and Sam tell Daniel and Jack about their plan to blow up a star

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      “Exodus” is the beginning of the end of the season two parter. SG1 goes to meet the Tok’ra on their planet of Vorash using a Goa’uld mothership. Tanneth is surprised to see them with one, wondering how they got it. Jack tells him that it was a trade deal - Cronus gave them the ship and he got what was coming to him. Tanneth is surprised and then upset when he finds out the Tok’ra are moving to another planet without his knowing about it. Teal’c tells Tanneth that the Tok’ra did not wish for Apophis to know their plans. He gloats that Tanneth will be in trouble with Apophis for feeding him false information that the Tok’ra have given him.

      Tanneth gets the last laugh, however, when he escapes from the Tok’ra. Teal’c is very upset and tells Daniel that twice he has been given the chance to avenge Sha’nauc’s death and twice he has failed her. When Daniel tries to tell him that is not true and that their new plan of blowing up a star will obliterate everyone in this area of the galaxy, including Tanneth, Teal’c is not happy. He trusts Sam and Jacob, however, as he asks Daniel, “It

      will be a great victory. And yet knowing what Apophis did to Sha’re would you not trade it all for the opportunity to crush the life from his throat with your bare hands?” Daniel responds, “Well, I’d be lying to you if I said I hadn’t thought about it, but that doesn’t mean I’d do it given a more rational option.” Teal’c warns, “In the future, I will not be prone to such restraint.”

      SG1 and Jacob set out on the mothership with a gate aboard, ready to dial the planet where the black hole is so that they can jettison it into a star, blowing it up. When this occurs, everything in the vicinity of the star will be obliterated, including Apophis and his fleet. But of course, things do not always go as planned, ever, for the SG1 team.

      A cloaked Al-Kesh appears and begins firing upon the mothership. Teal’c manages to hit the Al-kesh but not before there is serious problems with their own ship. Weapons are inoperable, power is down, etc. The Al-Kesh stays around but is not firing and they figure it has been damaged as well. Jack and Teal’c take one of the death gliders from the mother ship ...

      • and go after the Al-Kesh.

        The Al-Kesh takes off and Jacob tells them to let it go. However, Teal’c notices that it is headed for Vorash and believes it is going to pick up Tanneth. Teal’c refuses to let Tanneth get away and gives chase. Sam warns they only one hour before the gate and the star explode and Jack tells them that is plenty of time.

        When they get close to the planet, Jack sees that they are going in. He radios the mother ship and tells Daniel that they are ’so going in’. Daniel tries to talk to them but there is no answer. He tells Jacob and Sam what is going on and they decide to go back for them. Meanwhile, on the planet, Jack and Teal’c are blindsided by Tanneth and his men. Before Jack can react, they shoot Teal’c in the back and then ring him away to their ship.

        Before Jacob, Sam and Daniel can get to Vorash to rescue Teal’c and Jack, Apophis’ fleet arrives. Jacob decides to go around to the back of the planet so that they will not be spotted. They are spotted anyway. Jacob changes plans. Apophis wants the Tok’ra,

        he’ll give them to him. JAcob sends the gliders out unmanned and Apophis falls for it at first. He begins to follow them instead of paying attention to the mothership. HOwever, they soon realize the gliders are unmanned and turn around to find the mother ship.

        Daniel radios down to Vorash, trying to get hold of Jack and Teal’c. He asks Jack if he is ready to be ringed up and he says he is. Once Jacob thinks they are on board, he puts the mother ship in hyperdrive, trying to escape the explosion of the star. However, they catch the tail end of the blast and are sent 4 million light years into another galaxy. Not the only problem. Apophis’ ship somehow manages to escape and ends up in the same galaxy as them and the team fears that Teal’c is dead.

        This was an okay episode of Stargate SG1. I liked the talk that Daniel and Teal’c had about the women that they loved and lost. Also enjoyed the scene where Jacob and Sam tell Daniel and Jack about their plan to blow up a star. Jack: Wow… Daniel: That’s um…. Both of them together: Ambitious.

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