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  • This was a very interesting episode of Stargate SG1

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      Dr. McKenzie believes he has gotten through Teal’c’s brainwashing but Bra’tac is not fooled. He calls Teal’c on it and when Teal’c tries to run, they stop him. Bra’tac takes Teal’c’s symbiote from him and refuses to give it back to him until Teal’c has gone through something known as The Rite of Malshoreem.

      Daniel says this is the Rite of Life. Bra’tac says that through his fevers and hallucinations, Teal’c will relive his past and overcome the brainwashing. SG1 is hesitant to go along with this because they are afraid that Teal’c will die but Bra’tac is adamant that this is the only way. Since they think that Bra’tac is Teal’c only hope, they go along with him. Dr. Frasier is not happy about letting Teal’c get so sick and threatens to quit, but Bra’tac makes her see that Teal’c will need her when the time

      is right.

      Teal’c goes through many memories of his past - being trained by Bra’tac, being named as Apophis’ first prime, talking to his wife about whether to believe in Bra’tac or Apophis. In the end, Teal’c manages to overcome the brainwashing and comes back to them.

      This was a very interesting episode of Stargate SG1. We got to see a lot of Teal’c past and his struggles in giving up his lord, Apophis. There are some very sentimental moments as the team stays with Teal’c through his ordeal and Bra’tac begs Teal’c to overcome the brainwashing at the end.

      Naturally, being Stargate SG1, there are some funny moments despite the seriousness of the episode. Jack and Daniel are left with Teal’c. Bra’tac has told them to talk to him. Jack asks Daniel if he wants to go first and Daniel says sure. Now this is the man who can talk very fast and for a long time about almost anything, however, he is stumped when he sits on the stool next to Teal’c’s bed. After a few moments Jack says, “I’ll go.” Daniel hops up. “Okay.”

      Teal’c calls out to his friend Velar. Jack: Velar, is that what he said? Daniel: I thought he said velour. Jack: Velour? Daniel: Velour. Jack: The fabric? Daniel: That’s what I heard him say. Jack: Why would he say velour? Daniel: I don’t know. Why would he say Velar? Jack: I don’t know. Teal’c: Velar was my friend. Jack and Daniel turn to face Teal’c while speaking at the same time: Jack: Teal’c? Daniel: Huh?

      This was my favorite scene:

      Daniel: (trying to ...

      • Stargate SG1:  Threshold Season 5, Episode 2
      talk some sense into Teal’c and finally on a roll) I think the point that Jack was trying to make is that you’re generally a very extremely logical person and therefore your assertion that you never left the service of Apophis is so completely illogical almost to the point of making absolutely no sense whatsoever….

      Teal’c: Do you not know the meaning of faith, Daniel Jackson.

      Daniel: I think I do.

      Teal’c: Then you should know that my faith in Apophis is beyond question.

      Daniel: Still, if you remember me and you remember Jack then you must remember at some point questioning your faith.

      Teal’c: Never! Apophis is a god.

      Daniel: False god. Dead false god.

      Teal’c: Your words cannot change the truth.

      Daniel: Well, they’re not my words, Teal’c, they’re yours. Of course, you were wrong at the time because he wasn’t

      actually dead but that’s neither here nor there….

      Teal’c: Lies!

      Daniel: The point is, there was a time in your life when you realized the Goa’uld can’t all be gods. Every symbiote a Jaffa carries will take a human host if given the chance and become a Goa’uld. How can they all be gods?

      Teal’c: Do not test my temper, woman! (Teal’c is hallucinating and seeing his wife)

      Daniel: (to Jack) Woman? Did he just call me a woman?

      Jack: Yes, I believe he did. (Sam comes in and asks how Teal’c is before going to talk to Janet. After their conversation she goes back to Daniel and Jack)

      Sam: So, is it working? Has he said anything?

      Jack: He talked about fabric briefly.

      Daniel: He just called me a woman.

      Jack: So I think it’s working.

      Daniel: (gives Jack a look) Well, something’s happening.

      I laughed through this entire conversation.

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