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  • I believe that Jack, like most of us viewers, found it hard to believe that Daniel was ready to give up on the humans of the planet

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      When Chaka is grabbed by a bunch of hunters, Daniel blames himself. Seems he had been videotaping the planet and had left an energy bar for Chaka. Because Chaka went for the energy bar, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and Daniel feels that he set the bait for their trap. Daniel asks Hammond and SG1 to go with him to the planet - he filmed the address - to retrieve Chaka. Jack notes that the hunters are carrying Goa’uld pain sticks. If they have that Goa’uld technology, they may have more. Hammond gives them a go.

      When they get to the planet, they see that the villagers are using Unas for slaves. Jack orders Sam and Teal’c to stay behind while he and Daniel go into the village. Daniel tells Burrock, the man who sells the Unas, that they are traders.

      While drinking, Jack and Daniel pump Burrock for information. Seems they used to serve the ‘one with glowing eyes’ but one day he went away. The

      humans learned how to use the weapons of the Goa’uld and led an uprising during the Beast Wars and won their freedom, taking the Unas as slaves.

      Burrock takes them to look at the Unas and when Chaka sees Daniel, he speaks his name. Burrock is stunned and is upset that they lied to him. Daniel tells him that Chaka is very important to them and they want him back. Burrock refuses and Jack makes Daniel leave Chaka behind, not wanting to kill humans. Daniel protests saying they don’t have to “kill” anyone, just break Chaka out.

      That night, Daniel and Jack do just that but instead of Chaka coming quietly, he starts growling and saying others were marked for death. Chaka refuses to leave without the other Unas. Before they can escape, they are zatted. When they wake up, they are all in cages - even Jack and Daniel.

      Burrock comes in and says he wants to know how the Chapp’ai works. He uses the power stick on Jack and Daniel yells at him ...

      • to stop. He does the same thing to Daniel but this time all of the Unas go crazy. Burrock starts yelling for them to stop and when they do not, he kills one of the Unas. He then tries to kill another, much to Daniel’s dismay. Luckily, the gun is out of ammunition. Burrock tells Daniel that he will kill an Unas each morning and night until Daniel tells him what he wants to know.

        When Teal’c and Sam try to get back to the gate so they can get help, they find that the gate is guarded. When Teal’c hears Jack being tortured (via the radio that Chaka stocked away) he tells Sam that he cannot just stand by and wait. They devise a plan to cause a distraction so that they can get Jack and Daniel out of jail. They escape and head back to the gate but Chaka refuses to come. He wants to stay and help free all of the Unas, even if it means killing humans, something he has

        already done with Burrock despite Daniel’s pleas not to. Daniel tells him that he does not have to kill, then hands Chaka his zat gun. Jack feels that Daniel just sent them out to start a war but Daniel says they were going to do that anyway.

        Another episode where Jack and Daniel go head to head, only this time it is not as bad. At least Jack says that in principal, he agrees with Daniel. Jack is just uncertain about whether to choose Unas over humans or not. Daniel, however, feels that life is life and because of his friendship with Chaka he is willing to help them.

        I believe that Jack, like most of us viewers, found it hard to believe that Daniel was ready to give up on the humans of the planet. Daniel has always been one to fight for peace until his dying breath and even longer but in this episode, he was so upset that he didn’t seem to care that much if any of the humans got hurt or not. Strange.

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