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  • I also enjoyed the fact that Jack sounded a lot like Daniel

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      Daniel, Sam and Teal’c are making a run for the gate while Jaffa chase and shoot at them. Sam radios Jack and tells him that they have made it to the gate and asks him where he is. Jack tells her that Lt. Tyler has been hit and he is staying with him. He wants them to go back to the SGC and get reinforcements. Sam does not want to go, but follows orders.

      When they get back to the SGC, they ask General Hammond to round up reinforcements so they can go back and rescue Jack and Lt. Tyler. General Hammond claims to not know Lt. Tyler, who Daniel insists was put on the team over a month ago. General Hammond orders them to go to the infirmary, but they are adamant about wanting to go back to the planet and help Jack. General Hammond has to get the airmen to hold guns on SG1 before they will relinquish their weapons.

      Janet notices something on Teal’c’s uniform and

      touches it. She immediately gets a glimpse of Lt. Tyler, even though she had told SG1 that she did not remember him. She orders the uniform to be analyzed and finds a foreign chemical on it that helps process memory. Janet tells Sam and says she is going to tell General Hammond but Sam begs her not, saying that General Hammond will not believe her and will think that they contaminated her as well.

      Meanwhile, Simmons has arrived and is interviewing Daniel. Not only does he bring up the fake Lt. Tyler but he questions Daniel about Sarah. Daniel gets agitated and Simmons accuses him of being too emotionally involved in his work. He then questions Teal’c and finally Sam. Sam figures out that he is the same person who has been reading all of SG1’s files, the same person she found when she was trying to locate Lt. Tyler on teh computer. General Hammond tries to find out why Simmons is at the SGC and finds out that ...

      • his reasons are politically motivated. He tells Simmons that his connections are higher up than his and orders him off the base.

        Back on the planet, Lt. Tyler finally admits that he is not a part of the team. He is, in fact, a Re’all. Seems he was a prisoner of the Goa’uld. Their ship crashed on the planet and he escaped. When he ran across SG1 he did not know whether he could trust them or not so he altered their memories. As he is explaining, the Goa’uld overrun their camp. Just as one is about to shoot Jack, all three of the Goa’uld are shot down by Daniel, Sam and Teal’c.

        This episode was okay. I hate Simmons, but of course we are meant to. I also enjoyed the fact that Jack sounded a lot like Daniel. Instead of his usual military instinct to get technology from the Re’all, Jack helps him escape, but not before he tells them that the Re’all and humans could be

        allies and friends.

        I loved the scene with Simmons and Teal’c. Simmons was questioning Teal’c’s loyalty because of the brainwashing. Teal’c: I am loyal to the Tauri. Simmons: Why should I believe you? Teal’c: If I were still loyal to the Goa’uld you would know it. Simmons: Really? Teal’c: It would be immediately apparent, as I would not hesitate to kill you where you stood. The scared expression on Simmons’ face matched with the self-satisfied smirk of Teal’c was great.

        When they were at the gate, Jack told Daniel to stay with the Re’all. Jack: What’s your real name? Tyler: Yayayeii. Jack: Okay. Daniel, you stay with……Tyler. After Tyler zats Daniel and they find him - Jack: Hey, where’s Tyler? Daniel: You know, I would have asked him but I was too busy being unconscious after he shot me with the zat you gave him.

        I have watched this episode several times and still enjoy it.

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