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  • I bought this phone system from Best Buy in Mesa, AZ
  • I paid $90.00 for the phone which included the answering system console which holds one handset
  • I purchased one additional handset which cost around $40.00
  • I also was faced with an issue of each child's room not having a phone jack in them
  • I can honestly say without any doubt, if I do purchase another phone, it will definitely be a VTech

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      I bought this phone system from Best Buy in Mesa, AZ. about 6 years ago. I paid $90.00 for the phone which included the answering system console which holds one handset. The handset is also included as well as a second handset. The system is expandable up to 4 handsets with only one phone jack required. I purchased one additional handset which cost around $40.00. The individual handsets come with their own charging base. I liked the fact of the charging base being very simple and small instead of large and bulky. The idea of the system being expandable and only needing one phone jack to operate was a big selling feature for me.

      I was looking for a new phone system that was expandable since I wanted my children to have a phone in each of their rooms. I was not interested in purchasing a phone for each of the rooms I needed one in. Since I needed to have a phone in the living area, my bedroom, and each of my children’s bedrooms, this would involve purchasing a total of 4 individual phones. This was not appealing to me at all. I also was faced with an issue of each child’s room not having a phone jack in them.

      After looking at different phones at a few different stores, I came across this VTech system and was drawn to it immediately. I had not shopped for phones

      in a number of years so I was not aware these type of phones were even on the market. I was delighted when I found it. I could have the answering system which also held a handset, placed in my living area. I could also put a handset in both of the childrens rooms which did not require a phone jack and simply needed to plug the charging base into an electrical outlet. I figured I did not need to purchase anymore than the 2 extra handsets since I could take any one of the handsets into my bedroom if I wanted to.

      The only concern I had was thinking I perhaps would have a difficult time hooking the system up and understanding how to operate the answering system. I had a few areas with the answering system that I was not sure about and had a bit of difficulty with it, however when I referred to the owners manual and the on-line troubleshooting information, I was pleased to find I could resolve the issues on my own. I was very happy when I found I had hooked everything up correctly and understood how to use the answering system as well as all the features the handsets offer. I am terrible when it comes to electronics and setting them up for the first time. I also have a terrible time with getting the full use out of electronics with the ...

      • features they have because of my difficulty with understanding them. I have found with this VTech phone system that I am utilizing all the features because I have an understanding for how they work. I gained this knowledge because of the well written information included with the phone as well as the excellent information on their website. I found their live chat option for troubleshooting to be most helpful. Instead of making a phone call and perhaps waiting on hold or sending an e-mail and having to wait to hear back before I could proceed with setting up the system, I could speak with a representative immediately.

        I have been extremely satisfied with this phone. I have been using it for 6 years now. I have only replaced the battery in one of the three handsets since I purchased them. I find this incredible with how long the batteries last. The handsets have been dropped from time to time and since they are so sturdy and well made, they have not been damaged in any way. The reception with the phones has been exceptional. I have always been amazed how far away from the home I can walk and experience no interference. I have really enjoyed how clear the phones are when having conversations. With several of the past cordless phones I have owned, there is always some level of noise in the background. With this phone there is absolutely

        no noise of any kind.

        The handsets also come with clips so you can hang the phone on a belt loop. They also come with a headset so you can use the phone hands-free. This has been the one main feature I use on a daily basis. I honestly do not know how I would function without this feature. I only wish that the handset was not so heavy. On one side I am happy its heavy because this makes it very obvious how well the phone is made. On the flip side, the size of the handset and its weight can be somewhat bothersome when carrying it around on your hip.

        We recently purchased a new computer. For some reason I began having problems with being kicked off or disconnected from the internet whenever the phone is used. This has been quite inconvenient as we do not use the phone whenever someone is connected to the internet. We are having to consider purchasing a new phone. I think the problem might be with the phone system being a 2.4 GHz and is the reason for this issue with the new computer. I believe the problem could be resolved if I purchased a phone that was a higher GHz. I hate to think of purchasing a new phone since I really like the system. I can honestly say without any doubt, if I do purchase another phone, it will definitely be a VTech.

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