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  • The first one I noticed were the obstacles on weapon placement
  • I love this particular art style, personally

    • by Philip Zhaquiri

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      “The Creeps!” is a wonderful tower defense game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. There are many tower defense games out for the iPhone/iPod Touch, but this one bravely introduces a couple new elements to the genre without destroying the original formula.

      The gameplay is fun, not tedious. There is also high replay value thanks to the new gameplay elements. The basic premise of a tower defense game is, you line up a path with weapons and such to destroy passing enemies that come in from one side of the map, making sure none of them reach to the opposite end where your “tower” usually is. You can upgrade your weapons using the money you’ve collected after every enemy kill. It’s a simple premise that’s been popular ever since the day of DotA (Defense of the Ancients), a popular Warcraft III custom map. In “The Creeps!” this same premise applies, plus a few new additional elements that I personally haven’t encountered before. I will discuss these new gameplay elements later in this review.

      Let me first tell you about

      the game. From what I understand, instead of the usual towers, mystical creatures/aliens, and machine guns, you get a bed, nightmare creatures (i.e. the bogeyman), toy guns and glue bottles. Your “tower” is a kid on his bed, scared; your weapons are toy guns, glue bottles, boomerangs, etc.; and the creatures you’re fending off are nightmare creatures, some scary-looking, some awfully-cute. If a monster reaches your “tower,” the kid in the bed jumps up and takes damage. You can take damage 9 times out of 10; with the 10th damage ending the game.

      Now, about the new gameplay elements I was talking about. The first one I noticed were the “obstacles” on weapon placement. In other tower defense games, you can place your weapons basically anywhere on the map so long as it’s not on “the path.” In “The Creeps!,” some strategic areas where one would want to place a weapon for bigger range/reach is covered with something destroyable, like a rock, some crystals, or even a tree monster. It varies every level. How fast you can get rid of ...

      • them also varies, depending on what kind of obstacle it is (obviously, you can get rid of the rock easier than you could a tree monster). The second one I noticed was the ‘extra’ weaponry that you can use without spending any of the money you’ve collected. The thing is, after you use it, it needs to “recharge” for a while before you can use it again. Now comes the coolest part; you control this extra weapon using the accelerometer! I told you it was new. I’ve never seen anything like this on a tower defense game before, much-less on the iPhone/iPod Touch! It’s genius, if I may say so. Let me give you some examples of this extra weaponry. First example is the UFO. When you activate the UFO, tilt your device to control the UFO -as- everything else is happening (i.e. the creeps crawling in). Guide the UFO to the path where the monsters are, get them to pass through the UFO’s beam and they take damage. Another example is the Oil Can. Activate it and the
        entire path becomes slippery for the monsters. Tilt your device to the opposite direction where the creeps are heading, they become slower, giving your other weapons ample time to destroy them before they reach the bed. Not only do these new elements add to the challenge, but they’re also very fun! I especially love the controls for the extra weapons. Thanks to the developers for making use of the iPod Touch/iPhone’s accelerometer!

        Now, on to the graphics. “The Creeps!” has very crisp graphics and smooth animations. I love this particular art style, personally. The art style can be loosely compared to the art style in “Mr. Bean: The Animated Series,” where the outer outlines are heavier.

        The sound is quirky and hilarious. As you’re listening to the stuff the creeps are screaming out right before you destroy them, just imagine a couple of guys doing the voices, and you’re all set. It’s funny.

        Overall, I highly recommend this game. For a portable game, this is a sure-winner. You can’t go wrong with this game. It’s just so well put-together on all counts. It’s a MUST-HAVE!

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