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  • Now where the visuals fall flat in my opinion, is the 3d
  • There are some interesting characters though, don’t get me wrong
  • I don’t agree with all the people hating on it saying that it’s a terrible movie, there are certainly many things wrong with it, but the movie is by no means terrible, just flawed
  • There are honestly a lot of really well made aspects to the movie, but I think a lot of the wow fact of the movie simply lies in the visuals

    • by Shintai

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      Avatar, Avatar, Avatar…. This movie has had an immeasurable amount of hype. The amount of hype backing this movie before release was absolutely insane. There were so many people excited for this movie and the trailers made it seem like this movie was going to blow our minds and James Cameron plastered his name on it any chance he got because of the success his previous movies (such as Terminator and Titanic) pretty much guaranteed sales just by saying he had a hand on the movie. So, after all the commercials, trailers, advertisements, media hype, delays, the fact that James Cameron had this movie in his head for the past 10 years, how does the movie actually hold up!?…… it’s ok. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great, it was just….. ok.

      Now for a lot of people, they usually fall into two groups in this movie, they either loved it and thought it was a fantastic movie, or they hated it and thought it was shallow all style no substance pile of garbage. I am on neither extreme personally and I’ll explain why. In my honest opinion, Avatar is not a bad movie, but I can’t bring myself to say it’s a good one either. There are honestly, a lot of things in this movie that are done very well and it should be commended for, but there are other things it does absolutely terribly that really brought it down for me.

      First off, let’s start with what’s good, the visuals. The visuals in this movie are absolutely stunning. They truly looked fantastic. The cgi looked gorgeous and the imaginative world of Pandora looks stunning. The forests, trees, animals, aliens, they all look absolutely gorgeous in the movie. Everything is colorful, vibrant, and it all looks truly alive despite mostly being computer generated. Now where the visuals fall flat in my opinion, is the 3d. There is absolutely NO reason to this movie in 3d for it adds NOTHING. I am being dead serious; the 3d in this movie was absolutely PATHETIC. I remember being in Universal Studios and Disney World going on rides with 3d visuals that felt like they jumped out of the screen and you felt like you could grab them, but in Avatar? No such sensation. Nothing really felt like it was popping out of the screen except maybe once or twice. If it was only done well once or twice, why the hell

      was this movie in 3d in the first place!? It does not justify having to wear those stupid glasses for a 2 and a half hour movie! It’s even worse for someone like me because I wear glasses, so I had to wear those 3d glasses on TOP of my normal glasses and it was very annoying. Do NOT watch Avatar in 3d, it’s pointless. Actually, another thing I wanted to mention concerning the visuals is the fact that theatres can’t project in High Definition yet. What this means is if you have an LCD or Plasma tv at home hooked up to a blu ray player, Avatar will look BETTER than at the theaters. Some of the visuals and special effects are a bit lost in the inferior picture quality which can be cleaned up on a 720p – 1080p definition television. Jeez, even on the highest point of this movie I have complaints!

      Well now we come to the story, this is where things start to really fall apart. I will say though, that there are some genuinely well written aspects of the story. The world of Pandora took a lot of imagination to create and for the aliens to have their own language, while not original, takes a lot of work and so I give James Cameron kudos for that. However the creativity is thrown out the window when the story takes cues from Dances With Wolves (although not nearly as complex or well written) and Disney’s Pocahontas. The movie has this overall message of “Corporations/ White people are evil, they’re destroying nature” and while it’s not a bad message by itself, it’s one that’s being way, WAY overused as of late, and this movie just fucking shoves it down the audiences throats! I mean I felt my eyes roll constantly during numerous scenes in the movie when the corporation trying to mine the planet, does something evil just for the sake of money and too look good for the media at the same time. That’s also basically the entire point of the movie, this company wants to mine the planet of some precious ore that oh just so happens to coincidentally all be right under where the alien tribe is. So for the longest time their strategy is to use Avatars (oh hey the title finally comes into play) which are basically recreations of the aliens, stick the consciousness of certain people ...

      • in them in order to befriend them and gain their trust. The aliens aren’t quite that dumb and realize that these people are not part of the native tribes so they don’t allow them to get near them. Then enter Jake Sully… or was it Jack?.. John? Fuck it I am calling him Jack, who is a handicapped (he’s in a wheelchair because of his legs. Years in the future we conquer space travel but just can’t get past a wheel chair without having to use it manually….) marine soldier. This is our main character, and he’s and idiot. There’s no easy way around, he’s simply a moron, and an extremely dull character. This guy’s beyond bland yet he’s supposed to be the main character AND he’s the “chosen one” for some odd reason. I have no idea why the powers that be of that planet would give a crap about such a bland uninteresting character. There are some interesting characters though, don’t get me wrong. The sergeant who’s the main antagonist is a hoot! I am surprised he doesn’t jump and scream “HOOO WEE! I AM GONNA KILL ME SOME BLUE PEOPLE!” because he could do that, be completely in character, and it would be awesome. He has this super tough military feel to him that’s so over the top that it’s hilarious. Even the robot that he drives is so hilariously over the top! It has a giant knife on its side and another giant knife at the end of the rifle it uses. Why? No clue but it’s awesome! There are other characters like the aliens themselves that are genuinely interesting, but a bit gender confused, to say the least. I honestly had a hard time distinguishing which of the aliens are male, and which are female, they all look similar and the females are all flat-chested so that makes it worse in distinguishing between the two genders.

        Well anyways, the story, in a nutshell, is essentially that Jack Sully is the chosen one, he joins the tribe and is accepted by them because he’s the chosen one. At first he doesn’t care much for becoming one of the tribe, but eventually he starts to forget about his mission of retrieving data and just enjoys being a part of the aliens. The process takes too long so the corporation takes matters into their own hands. The aliens fight back, they win, and

        everything is hunky dory. The plot is just so paper thin, cliché and shallow that I honestly saw everything that was going to happen before it happened. Now why is that? Oh right, because I’ve seen these movies before, Dances With Wolves and Pocahontas, and even a little bit of the Matrix is thrown in there! Yes, the aliens have this weird hair that can connect with the planet so to speak. It’s like all one big network, kind of like the Matrix. It also doesn’t help that Jack has to sort of “jack in” to his avatar to get it to work, kind of like the Matrix…everything in this movie feels like it’s borrowing from something else, despite there being so many new, interesting and creative things about it!

        Finally, I want to talk about the action sequences. Thankfully, this is a high point in the film. The action is well done, intense, and fun to watch. Seeing the robots being driven by the soldiers, the aliens attacking with bows on top of alien-type dragons is very cool. I actually wish there were more of them in the movie, but the ones that are in the movie are very well directed, look great, and are blast to go through. If I ever buy this movie on blu ray (which I sincerely doubt) I would simply skip to all the fight scenes because of how great they are. So if there are any saving graces to this movie, it’s the visuals, action scenes, and that sergeant, damn he’s awesome!

        So yeah, Avatar, not all it’s cracked up to be. I don’t agree with all the people hating on it saying that it’s a terrible movie, there are certainly many things wrong with it, but the movie is by no means terrible, just flawed. There are honestly a lot of really well made aspects to the movie, but I think a lot of the wow fact of the movie simply lies in the visuals. For that reason alone though, because of the technical achievements that this movie has made, I think it gives it extra points in book. Overall, I give Avatar a 6 out of a 10. Slightly above average only because of the visuals, and in the future when visuals will look even better, and Avatar doesn’t look as impressive anymore, I think the movie will be dropped down to a 4 out of a 10, but for now, it’s a 6.

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