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  • I like my green tea, and specifically Jasmine green tea for its delicate floral aroma and flavor

    • by Scarlet Hughes

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      I like my green tea, and specifically Jasmine green tea for its delicate floral aroma and flavor. I’ve been drinking the stuff for at least ten years now. I have also become hooked on the effects of the caffeine in green tea which is different from coffee. I don’t like to continue to drink coffee in the pm because although it helps keep me up it makes me jittery and so I can’t concentrate as easily for work.

      Green tea on the other hand makes me both alert and more relaxed. I have yet to find another stimulant type beverage that does that. The fact that it is organic is not important to me, nor is the free trade thing, but it does make me feel a little bit better about drinking it than if it wasn’t.

      I like to assume this

      stuff is helping my health, I think its an anti inflammatory at the least. I’m pretty sure that it’s not harming my health, something I can’t say for caffinated soft drinks. Jasmine green helps fill that void because I once was a big time soft drink consumer.

      Now, I’m not crazy into the ritual of tea drinking. I don’t have tea parties, don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up to make tea. I’m not about to go out of my way to pay regular visits to some fancy tea store and pay a premium for loose tea that I have to measure, steep and strain in a pot.

      I’m just someone who likes my green tea everyday in the afternoon, and I don’t like to be without it. I appreciate the convenience of being able to find this tea ...

      • at my local Safeway only a few minutes from the house. The thing I’m happiest about is the consistent quality of this tea.

        There are some green teas that I have tried in fancy restaurants that are so fragrant and delicate as to be other worldly but I don’t need that level of quality for everyday drinking. Anyway, this brand is far and away better than some of the cheaper varieties you typically find in supermarkets. At their best they’re not great, just average, and if you’re not careful with them, the tea quickly takes on a bitter tobacco like taste.

        I don’t put sugar or anything in mine so there’s nothing to disguise an awful taste, and because it’s one of my few indulgences my afternoon can be a downer if the aftertaste is really bad, so I don’t chance it. This

        brand on the other hand doesn’t ever develop a bitter taste, even when I let the teabag steep in my cup for longer than I should. The scent of jasmine is distinct and lovely and even elevates my mood.

        I’ve been on this brand for a year and a half. So long as they maintain the quality it’ll continue to be my brand that I insist on. I like the packaging and that the teabags are individually foil wrapped.

        That means if for some reason I take a break from drinking tea, it won’t have gone stale when I come back to it. But, this tea never lasts that long in my house. I guess it would be nice if it came in a larger package.

        18 bags typically only takes me through about two weeks, even if it’s just me drinking it. But, that’s a minor drawback.

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