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  • What I like about this product is that it does work in killing fleas and ticks
  • What I dislike about this shampoo is the smell

    • by mamajess

      Hartz 2 in 1 flea shampoo is meant to be both a flea and tick killer and a shampoo. To use you lather as you would with any other shampoo, but you do not rinse it off right away. To kill any pests that might be on your pet you need to leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse off. This shampoo can be used on any pet that is not pregnant, nursing or medicated and is over 12 weeks of age.

      This is a medicine and it comes with a scary and long warning label and directions list. My other pet shampoos basically say wash your pet and rinse off but this one tells you all of this scary stuff. On the label it tells you that it is

      a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner other than that consistent with the label.

      I have no idea what you might use flea shampoo for other than killing fleas, but that tells you it is dangerous. I have been using this shampoo on my dog for 3 years. It tells you that you may use it weekly as needed to kill pests, but I use it monthly or every other month and it is my sole method of killing fleas and ticks.

      What I like about this product is that it does work in killing fleas and ticks. It does not work as well as frontline, but it is less of a pesticide and I like that. If you want something to kill all pests ...

      • you need to go with a higher level of protection.

        This only kills them and keeps them off for awhile. If you don’t want to reapply you should not use this. What I dislike about this shampoo is the smell.

        I cannot imagine what could be done to a flea shampoo to not make it smell awful since it is a poison. This smells like every other flea shampoo. It is strong and if you bathe your dog in a bathroom it stinks it up.

        I have to turn on the fan when I use this because the vapors sting my eyes. It is so strong. It makes my skin itch when I use it.

        You are not meant to get it on human skin, but it is

        hard not to get some on your own skin when bathing a pet. While I really dislike the smell, it works to kill pests and that is why you buy a flea shampoo. This claims to both freshen and beautify your pets.

        It does freshen. It is not as good at keeping the smell of dogs off as some shampoos, but for a flea shampoo it does a good job at keeping the smell off. As far as beautifying, it does an ok job.

        It makes my dog’s coat shiny for a day or so. Other shampoos do a better job with the freshening and the making the dogs coat shinier and moisturizing, but I have never found one that kills fleas and does all of that better than this so I give it an 8.

    vonita fetchin says :

    I am sorry to say I found out the hard way not to use flea and tick shampoo on my dog after many tests at vet I found out my little shih Tzu was vomiting and having seizures from the Hartz flea and tick shampoo I used on her I thought she was going to die. It is poison and should not be used on animals since it is absorbed into there skin and into their organs.

    Joanna says :

    Hi Vonita,

    I am so sorry to hear that your dog had such a strong reaction to the shampoo. I know that it sucks. I have several dogs, and it works great on all except my miniature dachshund. It really tore up his skin. Since then I have been using the dandruff shampoo that I found at the dollar Tree. It is for sensitive skin and it really helps to nourish his skin. Ironically, it also seems to work great on keeping the fleas off of him.

    If you haven’t found a good alternative, then I would suggest the dandruff shampoo.

    Hope this helps.



    Mindy Simms says :

    I have many animals here on the farm and the main one that we use is the advantax flea drops. They seem to work wonders on our animals, however we have had animals that we could not use this stuff on, for them we did a weekly shampoo in the blue dawn dish soap which kills the live fleas that are on your animals.

    Jasmine says :

    Stop using it if its harming the pets :P Actually the best thing you can do for your pets is to keep things as natural as possible.

    duckfan says :

    re : What I dislike about this shampoo is the smell
    The smell is pretty harsh.

    Ron says :

    Yeah,the Hartz stuff works,but here is a cheaper and equally effective way of getting rid of fleas without chemicals: Get a pie pan and fill it with rubbing alcohol.Place a black lite or a light with a colored bulb over the pan of alcohol.Approx.6 inches.Place these items near where your dog sleeps.The bulb is naturally hotter than the dog so the fleas will jump toward the light.They will jump on the light and then fall directly into the alcohol.From there they will go to meet Jesus.Don’t worry,Dogs won’t drink alcohol.If your concerned about the dog tipping it over just put some kind of a screen around it.

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