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  • Speaking from experience, you get results after just the first bottle
  • The primary reason was the cost, as Vein Formula is kinda pricey (currently selling at US$43.00)

    • by jgsoontit

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      Vein Formula is very effective in minimizing varicose veins and, surprisingly, hemorrhoids as well. Speaking from experience, you get results after just the first bottle.

      Vein Formula is a product under the Pharmanex brand - a US-based company that manufactures natural supplements.

      I first came across Vein Formula last 2004. Back then, my mom’s varicose veins had thickened and clearly marked her legs. I showed her the product description and literature for Vein Formula, and she decided to buy 1 bottle as trial. So we bought the product online in the USA, and had it shipped to us in the Philippines.

      Though the bottle said “Take 1 tablet with liquid twice daily between meals,” my mom took it once a day only. The primary reason was the cost, as Vein Formula is kinda pricey (currently selling at US$43.00). Also, we reasoned that since its potency was for Americans who, as Caucasians, have bigger builds than us (we are Chinese), we figured

      that once a day was okay.

      And happily, it was! After her first bottle, which lasted her 60 days, her varicose veins weren’t as pronounced anymore. And surprisingly, she said her hemorrhoid shrunk and no longer itched a lot.

      So she bought a second bottle. After another 60 days (total of 4 months), her varicose veins, which already bulged before she started taking Vein Formula, had flattened. Though you could still see them, they were like these thin veins on her skin – a definite improvement. Her hemorrhoid also remained very small.

      By this time, there was also a third benefit to Vein Formula. My mom’s left foot (the bottom part that comes in contact with the ground when she walks) has been hurting her every time she takes a long walk. According to a practitioner, this was because there was something wrong with the veins on her foot. Her foot would be massaged once to twice a month, with the ...

      • practitioner digging deep into her skin to manipulate the veins. This did give her temporary relief, and so she kept going back to the practitioner for maintenance.

        After her 2 bottles of Vein Formula, unexpectedly her foot also stopped hurting. It was the strangest thing as it was not a touted benefit of the product and we weren’t expecting it. My mom wasn’t taking anything else and didn’t change anything in her lifestyle, so it had to be the product. We reasoned that since Vein Formula is for veins and her foot pain was due to veins, so maybe that also benefited. Either way, it fixed her foot!

        She stopped taking the product after her 2 bottles, due to the cost. I, on my part, bought 2 bottles last February 2010. This is because, sad to say, I now have a hemorrhoid.

        It’s now March 2010, and I’m about to finish my first bottle. Though my hemorrhoid is still

        there, it’s not as painful and itchy as it was before I started taking it. I’m hoping that after my second bottle, it will have shrunk to a next-to-nothing size.

        Meanwhile, my mom said just last week that she is thinking of buying Vein Formula again because her foot has started to hurt again. If you think about it, she last took Vein Formula last 2004, which means the results lasted her for 6 years. Not bad!

        One thing with Vein Formula, though. Unlike my mom, I can’t take it between meals. It makes my stomach hurt if I do, the same type of hurt/pain that signals hyperacidity (which I have). This could be because my stomach is sensitive and suffers from hyperacidity, in which case people like me would probably need to take it after a meal, like I do.

        Overall, I’m happy with where I am now with my first bottle. And of course, my mom is a firm believer in the product.

    jgsoontit replies :

    Hi, I`m not sure what green veins are but if these are spider veins or varicose veins, then yes it should. Regarding consumption, it is intended to be consumed daily. Actually, recommended dosage is 2x a day. Personally, I would take it 2x a day to see the results, then after that I would take it just once a day for maintenance Pls note that this is my personal preference only and is not the official stand instructions from the manufacturer.
    Elaine Andino says :

    I am presently suffering from peripheral arterial disease and would like o to know if Nu Skin Vein Formula has been recorded as improving this disease?

    Thank you,
    GTH says :

    Hi, does it help by reducing the green veins on legs? Is it safe to consume daily basis? Thanks
    Galega says :

    Yes, it is used to treat the bluish-greenish color of the veins in legs. You should take it twice a day (BD), or as directed by the physician.
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