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  • While this episode of Stargate SG1 was probably supposed to be dramatic, I found myself laughing through half of it
  • As I said earlier, I enjoyed this episode because of the humor
  • Daniel tells him, Teal'c, I think he's had enough
  • This is a very enjoyable episode and one I would truly recommend

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      While this episode of Stargate SG1 was probably supposed to be dramatic, I found myself laughing through half of it. No, I was not laughing at the stupidity of the episode, like I have done with several television shows. Instead, I was laughing at their humor even in the face of danger.

      SG1 is on what seems like an uninhabited planet. Just as jack insists that they return home, a man runs up to them. He is very scared of something called Taldor, a phrase that Daniel does not interpret until it is too late. They help the man up and head for the stargate. However, a bright light appears above them and sends to a darkened cavern with only the light shining on them.

      A voice comes out of the darkness, telling SG1 that they have committed crimes. One of them is trespassing, the other is helping a convicted man. In their world, that means SG1 has taken on the responsibility of this man’s crime as well, which means life in prison. Before they can protest, they are sent to Haldor.

      They immediately cause a stir amongst the prisoners as the men realize they are different. When one of the men becomes too grabby with Carter, a woman steps up and tells the others that Sam is under her protection. They run away in fear.

      SG1 scouts the prison out, finally splitting up. Daniel and Teal’c go off in search of whatever they can find out about this place while Sam and Jack go to speak to Leneah, the woman who helped them. They need a power source for the stargate and feel that she is the person to talk to - and they are right. Leneah says that she

      can help them only if they take her with them when they escape.

      Jack and Sam find Daniel and Teal’c, who has just finished threatening another prisoner. They tell them about the deal but Daniel is hesitant about taking Leneah with them. He brings up the fact that they do not know what she is in prison for but Jack makes light of it, pointing out their supposed crimes. Still, Daniel feels that Leneah is feared, not respected and that there must be a reason for that fear. Of course no one listens and they go about trying to figure out an escape plan.

      When the stargate starts up and Daniel realizes that some prisoners are going to die while standing in front of the gate, he tries to tell them they are making a big mistake but they push him out of the way. They are immediately killed. Vishnor, who Daniel has fallen into, feels that Daniel is challenging him and sets about trying to kill him. Jack is jumped as well. Sam tries to get Leneah to step in but she refuses so Sam yells for Teal’c as she tries to get to a dying Daniel. Teal’c shows up in time to help Jack. Leneah uses the distraction to kill Vishnor before he can actually kill Daniel, although it is close.

      Leneah helps Daniel and while the others wait for him to awaken, Leneah helps the blind man who came through the stargate when the other men were killed. Once the man can see again, he runs away in fear instead of thanking her. Before anyone can really comment about this, Daniel awakens with a gate address. When the meal comes, they put their plan into motion ...

      • and escape the prison along with Leneah and the blind man who follows through.

        They take Leneah back to the SGC and tell General Hammond that she helped save their lives. General Hammond is grateful and allows Leneah to stay with Sam. Sam, for some unknown reason, tells Leneah everything about the stargate. Meanwhile, while the men are filling Hammond in about their prison stay, SG3 arrives with the blind man who was skulking around their base camp. The blind man tells them that Leneah is known as ‘The Destroyer Of Worlds,’ because she started a plague that killed off an entire civilization.

        Before they can get to her, Leneah opens the stargate and leaves. She has programmed the computer so that they can not find out where she has gone, leaving a message that says “All debts have now been paid.” The episode ends with SG1 upset that they have freed such a person as Leneah.

        As I said earlier, I enjoyed this episode because of the humor. There were many scenes that I loved, however, here are a few.

        The episode opened with Daniel and Jack arguing as usual over whether to stay on the planet or to go. When Daniel raises a finger and tries to get a word in, Jack shuts him up.

        When they encounter the man who is afraid of Taldor, Jack asks Daniel what it means. Daniel does not know. Jack helps the man up and tells Teal’c, “Okay, look out for the Taldor, whatever they are.” Later on, when they are in front of the people who send them to jail, Daniel remembers that taldor means justice. The timing is hilarious.

        As they get ready to walk through the prison, Jack tells Teal’c to take point and

        look scary, which Teal’c does. Daniel starts to ramble nervously and Jack tells him it’s okay. When they decide to split up, Jack stops Daniel and takes his glasses off, telling him that you never want to show weakness in jail.

        Even General Hammond gets to do some comedy in this episode. When SG3 returns and says that SG1 has been sent to a prison, General Hammond calls in SG9 to negotiate. When they fail, he decides to go to the planet himself. They walk to the stargate and General Hammond stops. The leader tells him how to breathe going through the stargate and General Hammond tells him he’ll figure it out for himself. However, as an aside, he asks, “You’re sure they dialed the correct address.” When the man says yes, Hammond says, “The things I do for these people.” Gotta love Don Davis, may he rest in peace.

        The funniest moment came when Teal’c was upset with another prisoner. While it does not show what happened, I tend to believe that the man tried to attack Daniel, since attacking Teal’c would seem really dumb. Anyway, Teal’c is holding the man up in the air against some rock with one hand. The man is gasping for air. Daniel tells him, “Teal’c, I think he’s had enough.” This does not stop Teal’c. He is still holding the man like that as he says, “If you once again try to physically harm myself or any of my companions, my patience with you will expire.” He then drops the man down just as Jack and Sam appear. Jack’s reaction? “Well, Teal’c. Making friends again, are you?” Hilarious.

        This is a very enjoyable episode and one I would truly recommend.

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