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  • Daniel is appalled to hear that they are going to bomb the planet, saying that the Jaffa are not the problem
  • In my opinion, this was one of the best Stargate SG1 episodes period

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      This was the first of many alternate reality shows that Stargate SG1 would do. It is also one of my favorite episodes from Season One. Maybe it’s because this episode is Daniel-centric or maybe it’s because it was very well written and fun to watch.

      Daniel and the rest of the team are exploring a planet as usual. Daniel and Sam wander off and find a lab full of artifacts while Jack and Teal’c look around. They find a symbol and Jack asks Teal’c if he knows what it means. Teal’c says they must return as soon as possible because the symbol means turn back. It is placed on planets where Goauld warriors have conquered and left contaminated - the surface is radioactive and no one is safe.

      Jack finds Daniel and Sam and tells them to come on. Daniel protests but Jack says he doesn’t want to hear it and leaves. Daniel undoes his pack and starts to place artifacts inside. He picks up an artifact and notices a shimmering in the mirror in the

      room. Daniel walks over and notices there is no reflection. Curious, he reaches out to touch it and the mirror does something.

      Daniel, not realizing this, runs out yelling that he needs help with the mirror but no one is there. Daniel remarks that he hates when this happens and then dials home. When he arrives at Stargate command he is shocked to find weapons being drawn on him. They want to know who he is. General Hammond shows up but acts as if he doesn’t even know Daniel. When Daniel calls him General, he asks if there are stripes on his uniform. Another man addresses him as Colonel while Daniel is being handcuffed.

      They take Daniel away and give him a shot to calm him down. Daniel protests, insisting on seeing Jack, Sam or Dr. Frasier. As he is drifting off, he sees Katherine.

      The rest of the episode consists of Daniel trying to convince everyone that he is a member of SG1. In this reality, Katherine calls the Stargate hers, saying ...

      • that she was the one who translated the cartoush at Giza. Jack is a General, Sam is a doctor and Teal’c is still first prime to Apophis. Even though Daniel knows lots about them, the others are still skeptical about his story.

        When the Goauld attack, Jack orders that a bomb be sent through to Chulak, the address that Daniel gave them. Daniel is appalled to hear that they are going to bomb the planet, saying that the Jaffa are not the problem. Later on, this plan will bite Jack in the butt when he tries to explain to Teal’c that in another world he is free. Teal’c is upset about the bomb and kills Jack.

        Sam and Katherine help keep the Goauld away long enough for Daniel to get back to his world with an address that shows where the attack originated from. Daniel is hoping that he can warn his earth before it is too late. He is horrified to see Katherine surrounded by Goauld as the blast doors close. Just as the

        Stargate is dialing, Teal’c comes through. He and Daniel stare at each other until the Stargate opens. Daniel makes a run for it and Teal’c shoots him. Daniel jumps through a few seconds before the auto destruct goes off, killing Teal’c.

        Once on the planet, Daniel makes his way to the mirror. He touches it again and falls down, yelling for help. Jack, Sam and Teal’c hear him and come running. They are shocked to see that Daniel has been hurt and are curious about the gate address he is carrying. As Jack says they should get him home, Daniel grabs his arm and warns him that “they are coming.”

        This episode set up the next few episodes and it did it beautifully. It kept me intrigued the whole time. It was fun to see General O’Neill bossing Colonel Hammond around. Jack and Sam were engaged in this reality and the expression on Daniel’s face when he found this out was funny as well.

        In my opinion, this was one of the best Stargate SG1 episodes period.

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