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  • Other than the one part, this episode truly sucked in my opinion

    • by sofcthy

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      Tin Man was one of the worst episodes of Season One. It revolved around the fact that SG1, while visiting a planet, is knocked out and turned into robots.

      When they first wake up they don’t realize that anything is wrong. Harlan, the annoying little man who keeps clapping his hands together and saying, “Comtraya,” introduces himself and shows them around his place. He tells them that he needs help taking care of the machines and it is too much for him to do alone. Harlan tells them that he has made them smarter, stronger, better but refuses to elaborate so Jack says they are going to leave. They leave the planet even though Harlan, the annoying little man who keeps clapping his hands and saying Comtraya, begs them not to. He warns that they will return as they enter the Stargate.

      When they are checked out at Stargate command, Dr. Frasier realizes that something is wrong. When she is checking Jack out, she notices that there is no heartbeat even though Jack says he feels great. Jack thinks he is dead but Janet says she wants to draw some blood. However, when she sticks the needle in blood does not come out. Instead, it is a milky type of fluid. All of them start freaking out. Teal’c realizes he no longer has a Goauld and Jack takes a scalpel to his arm. shocked when he discovers he is a robot.

      Janet calls for security even though Daniel tries to tell her that they

      are her friends. General Hammond shows up and places them under arrest, much to Jack’s chagrin. He starts telling the General all kinds of things about Hammond’s past to prove that he is not a fake, but the General won’t budge on the matter and they are locked up.

      While in confinement they talk about what has happened to them. Daniel and Sam are slightly fascinated while Jack is pissed. He becomes even more upset when Daniel is intrigued by the fact that even though Teal’c doesn’t have an infant Goauld any more he still feels it’s presence. Daniel makes the statement that it must be like still feeling a missing limb and Jack goes off, trying to bring him and Sam back to reality about their situation.

      General Hammond visits them and says he is going to send SG9 to the planet to see what is going on. Jack tells him not to because Harlan will do the same thing to them. Daniel explains who Harlan is and then begins to look sick. Suddenly, all four of them collapse in pain and Jack tells Hammond they have to go back. They are helped to the gate and Hammond says he will send another team through in an hour. Jack once again says he does not want them to risk anyone else.

      Once they return to the planet, they get their strength back. When Harlan appears Jack attacks him and demands that he put their consciences back into their body. Harlan says that is impossible since ...

      • the transfer is permanent and their bodies are gone.

        Just as he gets them settled, an alarm goes off. Harlan rushes off to fix whatever is going wrong and once again Jack is upset. Teal’c says what is done is done and Jack storms off, leaving them. Daniel gets upset, realizing that he is going to live forever. It’s a weird thought, but he and Sam try to make sense of what is going on and to deal with it. As Daniel says, they are still themselves and unique with their own thoughts. Teal’c walks towards the door and Daniel asks if he is okay, but he doesn’t answer. Daniel and Sam follow but they can’t find him.

        Steam is building up in the pipes and will explode if they do not shut them down. Jack goes one way while Daniel and Sam go the other way. Daniel shuts his down and Jack tries but steam gets in his eye. Then Teal’c attacks him. They succeed in venting enough pressure but Teal’c is still trying to kill Jack.

        Teal’c sticks Jack’s face up next to the steam and Jack screams. Daniel and Sam go running as does Harlan. Harlan kills Teal’c and then says that everything will be all right. Daniel asks how everything can be all right when Teal’c is dead. Harlan rushes off and Jack tells them to keep an eye on him.

        They come to a closed room and start beating on it, telling Harlan to open up.

        When he doesn’t, they pull the door up and discover Harlan making another synthetic replica of Teal’c. While questioning Harlan about how he can do this without the original Teal’c, Jack walks in and demands that Harlan stop making another copy of Teal’c. Harlan finally confesses that their bodies are still around somewhere but still insists he cannot transfer their consciences back into their bodies. He says he will show them why and leads them to another room where they are lying.

        They realize that they are not the original team but copies. Harlan says that if they had not been so insistent, they would never have seen themselves. He was going to send the originals back to SG headquarters. The two Daniels and Sams talk to each other while Jack goes in search of his copy.

        Jack tells his copy that both Daniels are talking about how fascinating this all is, the two Sams are arguing and Teal’c feels left out. The copy assures Jack that they will bury the gate when the team leaves because of security issues.

        This episode was messed up for me. I didn’t like the storyline and I wanted to punch the little annoying guy within the first 5 minutes of his air time.

        The only good part of this episode came when Daniel tried to introduce them to Harlan. It was hilarious to watch them try to shake hands when Harlan outstretched the same one as Daniel.

        Other than the one part, this episode truly sucked in my opinion.

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