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    • by thereviewerat1

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      Robert Pattinson is a joke of an actor. His role in Twilight is that of a guy who just got lucky. Robert Pattinson really is not a good actor and the role of the vampire he played in Twilight was lame. Any average talented actor could have done a better job than this guy. Robert

      Pattinson got lucky that’s all.

      Robert Pattinson is also not as great looking as all these girls and guys think he is. He is a little below average looking. His hair is messy and needs to be trimmed and he is way to skinny and could do with a few more kilos of weight put onto ...

      • his frame. He also has a dirty look to him when he is off camera and he looks like he could do with a shower. This guy is simply average looking.

        Robert Pattinson seems like a fake too. His personality all comes off as one big act. When he does interviews and appearances he acts fake,

        like he has everything planned out in his head of how he wants to be. The real Robert Pattinson is talentless and this is why he probably needs to come off as somebody he is not. Hopefully Robert Pattinson quits acting soon because he is not a great actor nor will he ever be, sorry.

    Redtape says :

    I really loved your review. It was short and to the point, not to mention very funny. I’m not sure about the actor himself, since I’ve never taken the time out to even watch one of his interview, but I thought Edward’s character was despicable, especially since I have long since considered myself a fan of vampire folklore. I mean, seriously? Vampires that sparkle?
    Kintay says :

    I think you misjudge him, to be honest. While twilight was a terrible role, and did not showcase his acting skills, I think you are wrong to take that as representational of his prowess. I enjoyed him very much in the film Cosmopolis: lots of suspense.
    quick note by anonymous :

    I liked your review a lot. I would have to agree with many of the statements you made in it as well. He honestly seems like one of those people who get one big role and then he automatically starts being a fake which becomes increasingly annoying as you see him more often.
    Aaron Nathan says :

    Many people did misjudged him. Yes the twilight series was a terrible role for him but it doesn’t mean that he was a bad actor it just means that he was not suitable for the role
    Kesang-Tshering-Bhutia says :

    I believe Robert Pattinson is a decent actor.His acting has matured over the years and that is evident in the Twilight films. But he has sadly not yet been able to shed off the character breaking the Twilight barrier to come out and try different roles.
    Stacy says :

    I first saw Robert in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I loved him as Cedric Diggory. While I admit to being a fan of the Twilight Series. (yes I know…I’m ashamed) I did not enjoy him in the role. But that’s not to say he’s a terrible actor. I think the roll of Edward was just not right for him. Plus, I remember reading some comments even he made himself about the role and how he felt like he was merely living out the roll of Stephanie Meyer’s fantasy guy. A lot of people don’t like Kristen Stewart as Bella either.

    I think what we have to consider is, he’s been acting for a long time. And his acting abilities have grown. It’s not really fair to judge him based off one role. But he’s always been a little too scruffy for my tastes.
    Andrew Leither says :

    I am familiar with the Vampire Diaries and Actor Robert Pattinson. As you mentioned that in his role he was quite lame. I just cannot remember at this moment, but some actors think they know it all even in real life, and actually, in fact, they know nothing.
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