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  • I don't think I would ever want a fridge that didn't offer this feature again
  • I consider it a small luxury, and I don't take it for granted
  • Ironically, the only real problem I've had with the whole refrigerator has been with my beloved dispenser
  • I've also noticed the freezer baskets come off the tracks quite easily, and can become jammed, making it difficult to access food and close the door
  • I believe newer models of the Kenmore Coldspot do feature a third compartment, with a drawer freezer underneath

    • by Jenn

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      When we purchased our home in 2003, the appliances were included. This included a Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator (model #10659299994) that was sold by Sears and manufactured in 2001. After almost four years of using this refrigerator, I have some definite opinions on it.

      First, I absolutely love the in-door water and ice dispenser on the Coldspot. I don’t think I would ever want a fridge that didn’t offer this feature again. I have always wanted an in-door dispenser, and the apartments that I’d lived in until purchasing my home never had the them. I consider it a small luxury, and I don’t take it for granted.

      Ironically, the only real problem I’ve had with the whole refrigerator has been with my beloved dispenser! There was some problem with the water line, and it leaked all down the

      inside of the freezer door and onto the kitchen floor. It did that for about a week before my husband tinkered with it and it eventually stopped. I don’t know what he did to it, but it solved the problem! We didn’t have to buy anything or call Sears or anything.

      My other gripe about this unit would be the actual usable space in the freezer. It is just too small for my needs, and if I didn’t have an extra side-by-side fridge in the garage, I don’t know where I would store my frozen food! Even when I get creative and manage to fit quite a bit of food inside of the freezer, some things like pizza boxes, half gallon cartons of ice cream and big square boxes can be difficult to store.

      I’ve also noticed ...

      • the freezer baskets come off the tracks quite easily, and can become jammed, making it difficult to access food and close the door. The little shelves in the freezer door are handy for very small items, but are oddly shaped.

        The refrigerator itself has a good deal of room, including three roomy drawers. Well, actually the top drawer isn’t all that roomy. I use it for cheeses and deli meats, and I can usually fit everything I want to inside. The middle drawer is for produce, and it has a humidity control dial on the drawer. The bottom drawer, which is actually the largest drawer, has to be for raw meat because it is the lowest point in the fridge.

        However, I actually would rather have more room in the produce and deli drawer than the

        raw meat drawer! All that space is typically occupied by a maybe a slab of bacon, a pound of ground beef and a pack of chicken breasts! Not much for all that space.

        Overall, I can’t complain too much. This fridge has kept my food nice and fresh for several years now! But I will say that the grooved surface of the exterior is hard to keep clean, and the dirt and hard water stains under the dispener shows quite a bit against the black.

        I would recommend this model, but maybe in a lighter, brighter color. And perhaps they could improve the freezer design a bit! In fact, I think they have. I believe newer models of the Kenmore Coldspot do feature a third compartment, with a drawer freezer underneath. I would love one of those!

    Joyce says :

    Can`t get to kick on after changing setting temp from. 1 to higher
    Ben says :

    We purchased a new Kenmore Cold Spot side by side refrigerator freezer manufactured in 2006, and we were blessed by God to become aware that it was about to start a house fire. The center panel between the two doors was so hot it burned my hand. The top and side of the appliance was almost as hot. A sears repairman will come out Monday and most likely repair it at no cost or risk the possibility of paying for fire damages later. Sears should recall this product (model 106.57402600) before someone dies from a house fire while asleep at night. Where is our Federal Government when we need them?
    KD says :

    After years of owning a Kenmore Coldspot model 106 (not the side by side one), I can emphatically say it’s the worse designed refrigerator that I’ve had the displeasure of owning/using. The curved doors are too bulky close before I can get hefty items inside. I often bump my head on the freezer door because I’ve frequently got to squat down to see items inside or put/remove items inside. The freezer isn’t roomy enough the water filter unit inside takes up too much space. After a water line leak, we don’t use the foliter nor do we use the ice maker are unable to remove the worthless devices. It seems that I’m constantly rearranging items to fit into this space hog. The only positive is that it looks nice. Well, keeps food cold. I just hate this refrigerator with a passion.
    bcooper says :

    This is the worst refrigerator I’ve ever owned. The middle shelf has fallen apart (trim has cracked) to the point the shelf is not stable (required to place heavy items on front of shelf just to keep it from slipping in the rear). The rear trim of the shelf has fallen off. On the inside of the refrigerator near the inside light, there is a 3 inch crack in the body (plastic)(right above the light) of the refrigerator. This refrigerator is less than 5 years old and falling apart. It appears that the plastic material used to construct this refrigerator is defective.
    Stephanie Bruns says :

    I absolutely HATE this side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. The stainless steel exterior is impossible to keep clean and scratches if you do not follow the grain of the polish. The ice container is too small to hold enough ice for a 3-person family who drinks a lot of water. The Acceler-Ice feature is a joke and does not make ice any faster. You can barely fit a Digiorno pizza level in the freezer and you d better make sure the ice maker and huge dispenser unit beneath it is not in the way or the door will not close. The built-in heights for shelves in the freezer are not user friendly or practical. There is almost no temperature control, as it is supposedly a smart temperature control. I have been freezing soup stock for years in Bell mason jars, but this freezer cracks the jars. The crisper bins in the fridge are ridiculously small and do not hold enough vegetables and fruits (do not plan on keeping any produce outside of the crisper drawers because it will freeze) I have also had sour cream freeze in the fridge. The shelves in the door of the fridge are not deep enough to hold condiments 2 deep, plan on a zigzag pattern with lots of wasted space. I have never been more disappointed in a Kenmore appliance. I have been a fan of Kenmore appliances for over 30 years and this is my first review online of anything, but if I can prevent even one person from making the purchase of this horrible design, it is worth it.
    Bill Woodward says :

    The manual for my refrigerator has nothing on the water filter. Could you please tell me where the filter is licated and what replacement filter I need? Model is 106.56666501 Thank you
    Galega says :

    The water filter is located at the upper right interior of this refrigerator. Twist it anticlockwise and the old filter will be removed. You should get the best filter according to the availability in your area. My personal choice is Waterdrop UKF8001, which is a wonderful and quite a durable filter.
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