1. What is ReviewStream?

ReviewStream.com is an international, privately held, consumer related publisher.
It was established in 2005, when content, intended to sell and therefore written by marketers, took majority of the online space. The goal of ReviewStream was and still is to make real consumers heard.
During years, using unique algorithms and a vast amount of data, the independent source of consumer opinions was invented. A lot of efforts were successfully put into protecting ReviewStream digital ecosystem from people, who do not share ReviewStream main principle - honesty. As a result we're proud to introduce information, shared by real consumers, that other consumers can rely on.

2. What kind of content can I write ?

We are interested in honest and helpful content on any topic you're familiar with.

3. Do I need to install any additional software ?

Absolutely not.

4. Do I need to attend Content Creation Academy ?

You're not obliged to, but it is highly recommended. It will allow you to better understand what are we doing and what should you do to cooperate with us in the most profitable way.

5. I'm not sure about my grammar ...

Our goal is to provide helpful information. Your grammar is good enough, if you hold unique information and have ability to share it with the Planet.

6. How much will I earn per content sold?

The regular rate is subject to change and can be seen anytime on the content submission page.

7. How can I see the total ?

You're welcome to use to see not only your up-to-date total, but also your submissions processing status.

8. What does the bulk rate mean ?

Sometimes we receive content that doesn't match some of our criteria. In this case we still can buy it, but at the bulk rate.
After you have written your content on the content submission page, you'll have to decide, if you're ready to get paid at the bulk rate for your content. If yes, check the bulk price box. If not, don't check it.
How the price is evaluated :
- If your content meets all of our criteria you'll be paid the regular rate;
- If your content doesn't meet some of our criteria, and the bulk rate box was checked, you will be paid the bulk rate;
- If your content doesn't meet some of our criteria, and the bulk rate box wasn't checked, the content will be rejected (you can resubmit it with the bulk rate box checked);
- If your content doesn't meet all of our criteria, your content will be rejected whether the bulk rate box was checked or not.

9. How much is the bulk rate ?

The bulk rate value is calculated as follows : regular rate divided by 5.
Example: if the regular rate is 15.00 USD, the bulk rate will be 3.00 USD.

10. Can I publish same content on my own blog/website ?

It's strongly prohibited. This may cause our cooperation to be terminated.

11. How do I get paid ?

You will be paid through PayPal by the email address, provided upon content submission.
The total has to reach the minimum amount to be paid.
To calculate the minimum amount to be paid you have to multiply the regular rate, your first content in the new payment cycle was sold at, by 10.
For example, you sold the first content in your new payment cycle at 10.00 USD (regular rate) or 2.00 USD (bulk rate). The minimum amount to be paid will be the same - 100 USD. If you sold the first content in your new payment cycle at 16.00 USD, the minimum amount to be paid will be 160 USD.

12. How does "Every vote pays" program work ?

When content is published readers can vote for it and every vote will be paid by ReviewStream. More votes - more cash you'll get. Promote content, providing links, get votes, receive additional payment.
   - Current vote rate is 0.10 USD.
   - The minimum amount to be paid is USD 5.
   - The total of the votes per page can be seen on the content page.
   - This program does not affect previous payment options and is an additional payment program.
   - Different content votes are not summarized.

13. Do you have a referral program ?

Yes, you can refer other content producers and earn on every content sold by them.
Referral fee is equal to 2% of the regular rate, no matter what rate the referred person was paid, regular or bulk. Right now you would receive 0.112 USD.
In case you don't sell content, but just refer others, the minimum amount to be paid will be equal to the minimum amount of the first seller, referred by you in the new payment cycle.
You can get your referral link here. Referral fee will be added to your total immediately on every publication.

14. How long does it take to process the content ?

Usually (not always) it takes up to 72 hours. Estimated processing time is shown in the .
Please be aware, that we have no business hours during w/e and public holidays.

15. My submission was rejected. Why ?

We do not review rejected content.
Content could be rejected, if it is vague, contains too much incorrect grammar, is written in capital letters, contains more description than opinion, etc. It may also be rejected, if the author writes about the item he/she has not actually used.

16. How does "Reply & Earn" program work ?

Pretty simple. You see the question. You know the answer. Post it and get paid.
Current reply rate is 0.10 USD. Minimum amount to be paid - 3 USD. Payment method - PayPal. Total can be seen in the .

No doubt you're familiar with a lot of topics. We suggest you to make a search on site, find content, related to the items you're familiar with and see, if someone asked question. Tons of questions were asked and you definitely can help someone to get the answer and earn.

17. How can I delete my account?

You can't, since you don't have any.
ReviewStream.com is not a social network, but publisher. We buy copyrights.
Back office, you can see in the Control Panel, represents your activity as a seller and can't be deleted for the obvious reason.

18. I still have questions.

You are always welcome to email any questions to :

Thank you so much for cooperating with ReviewStream.com
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