Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips
    • This snack has created some hype in Southeast Asia (especially in Singapore and Indonesia) and I know people who really love the chips, like my friend and some who ordered a whole box at one go because these chip sell really fast and is always short of supply.

      Although I really like salted eggs, I am pretty skeptical about how the chips would taste. So I got one packet from my friend and I actually didn’t really like it. I feel it’s pretty ...

Affresh Washer Cleaner


    • by MJ
      I purchased Affresh Washer Cleaner for the first time just over a year ago after moving into a new house and feeling less than satisfied with the cleanliness of the washing machine. At first glance, the relatively new washing machine looked fine, but upon a ridiculously close inspection, I could tell the previous owners probably left the washing machine door closed often, resulting in a slight mildew odor. I was ready to crank the water temperature and throw in some bleach or vinegar but my mother-in-law recommended Affresh and I'm happy to report, following her advice paid off.

      Affresh ...