I, Tonya (2017 Biographical Film)
    • Tonya Harding was the subject of one of the most controversial events of figure skating history. She was accused of cheating her way to the US Olympic Team in the 1994 Winter Olympics by taking part of attacking her opponent Nancy Kerrigan. It became a really big controversy that disabled her to do professional skating again for the rest of her life. This movie is made to tell Tonya's story, from her side, to show us how the events of the incident unfolded - how her upbringing affected her future, and how she got caught in the bad side by surrounding herself from people that's bound to ruin ...
EasyFit kcal Counter - Android App

    • About 7 months ago I became determined to start a diet so that I could lose weight. I spent hours looking up information and apps that could help me in this endeavor. At first, I tried things like MyFitnessPal and a few other calorie counters, but I felt like they wanted too much information. They required me to create an account, or link Facebook. They asked seemingly unrelated questions, and had so many features that using it became a very time-consuming task. Starting the weight loss journey was hard enough, and I didn't want a app that would distract me more than help me. Meaning that I ...