Gizi Super Cream and Biore Acne and Oily Care

by second_life

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Gizi Super Cream is kind of night cream that can be use by both women and men. But, it can also be used ever time you feel it’s needed to feed your skin.

I use this product since about 2 years ago, and still using it until now, although I ever found difficulties to find the product on market for about a half year. Separated with this product make my skin a bit dull and oily. When my mother realized that, she offered me Biore Oily and Acne Care to prevent acnes keep appearing on my face.

After using Biore Oily and Acne Care continuously in a week, all acnes are gone. And my face is free from coming acnes, although I eat a rather big quantity of peanuts. I no longer have problem with acnes, but my skin still dull.

Luckily I can find Gizi Super Cream again at the market. And it did successfully gave me my soft and shiny skin back.

The scent isn’t so good, because this product wasn’t made from flowers, but seaweed. It’s color also can be different from one cap to another, as every process of making the cream was done manually to guarantee the result. This product is a great bargain, I can say. The quality really doesn’t worth the price, as it’s cheaper than any other similar products.

Rating: 9

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