• I will never get rich doing surveys for Focusline, but it is easy and a little extra cash for not really doing what I would consider work

    • by Sandi

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      I joined focusline about six months ago. I ran across this while searching for surveys that pay cash. I will never get rich doing surveys for Focusline, but it is easy and a little extra cash for not really doing what I would consider work.

      I go to my Focusline acount a couple of times a day to see if there are any surveys for me to take. I usually qualify for one to three a day.

      Most of the surveys I qualify for range from one dollar to five dollars. OnceI reach twenty five dollars I can cash out, either for a check or through Pay Pal.

      I use Pay Pal and it takes right at four weeks to get the money in my account from the time I make a request. In the six months I have been with Focusline, I have gotten three payouts.

      As I said, I will not get rich from this site, but every little bit helps. The surveys are an average of fifteen minutes long and very simple to do.

      I am surprised at the amount ...

    • of surveys I do not qualify for. The one downfall is when I don’t qualify, sometimes I spend up to five minutes on a survey before finding out I do not qualify.

      When I first began with Focusline I had to fill out several profile surveys. I do not see why they just even send me the ones I do not qualify for.

      Other than that, I am satisfied. It is great to find a survey spot that does not try to get me to sign up for offers that end up

      costing me money in order to get their reward.

      All in all this is a great site and does exactly what they say they do. I have tried several survey sites promising cash, and most end up being total scams.

      I wish I could find more like focusline. Focusline keeps all information private, the surveys are on a variety of subjects.

      The point of the surveys is to help companys out by finding out what people like me thing of their products.

Ron O says :

They claim I requested a Nike card when in fact I requested a Amazon Gift card. They will not believe me that I order the Amazon card. You can not reach anyone outside of customer support.

sunny says :

Focusline recently changed their format, and I am no longer getting surveys. i emailed them, and haven’t gottena reply I am thinking they are quitting the surveys, and I won’t get paid.

duane porter says :

I have been trying to draw my payment from Focusline for over 2 weeks, now, but am having no luck The available balance seems to change daily, both increasing and decreasing, without having done anything Am I wasting my time?

Darren says :

Probably in their terms of service, they state that they can change the min. amount to cash out at anytime. Also your balance might change if the survey company didn’t credit you for your survey. Somtimes the company takes longer on certain surveys to credit your account.

Joanna says :

Hi Duane,

I can tell you from personal experience that most survey sites are a waste of your time. I have had this problem before and ended up having to login to my account three times a day to catch the right time. I actually ended up requesting my last payout at 11:59 pm before the cash amount changed.

If you continue to have trouble, you do have other options such as contacting your attorney general’s office. However, if you only have a few dollars in the account it is probably best to chalk it up to a lesson learned and move on.

I am sorry you are having so much trouble.

princess says :

i have been with this site for some time now but they dont send me surveys anymore,it has been 3 months nw

Robert Bush says :

I have been a member of Focusline for over a year, they have paid me over 400.00 but lately they are stalling on my cash out from 5 28 2012. I have e-mailed support and they do not reply to my questions. They owe me 25.00 from May and I have another 40.00 pending. I fear they are going to scam me after paying me for over a year, I don’t undestand why they want to turn crooked, but it looks like they have

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