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by Maristelle

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Almost all prices of commodities are increasing from foods to medicine. With this, I decided to search the most affordable and effective cough remedy. I was watching TV when a commercial caught my attention - Lagundi Cough Tablets both for kids and for adults. I have the impression that this is effective because it is a herbal tablets aside from the fact that I know most of the healing abilities of lagundi leaves. I am living in a province and there are lots of medicinal plants including lagundi but I am not aware that there is already a commercialized version on the drugstores. With this, I smell convenience.

When I was suffering with dry cough, I tried this medicine. I bought myself with ten tablets to start with. There are 30mg and 60mg capsule so I chose the higher dosage which I think is good for adults. At home I started my medication and took one tablet after each meal. The small tablet looks the same as Neo-Aspilets which is small but it has an identifiable color which is dark lime green. It is obviously made from the lagundi leaves. The taste is bearable so I have no complaints, afterall, once I popped it onto my mouth I immediately drink water. I took this medicine religiously and in less than a week, my I feel better. My cough has not been that frequent anymore. I continuously take it until my cough is gone. Since then, I started to trust Lagundi Cough Tablets. It is healthy and effective for me.

Rating: 9

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