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      The amazing beauty of Cartoon Princess Barbie, steals everybody’s heart. I have good DVD that contains 8 movies of Barbie. Each and every movie is good and interesting.

      The names of these movies are : 1.Nutcracker; 2.Rapunzel;/> 3.SwanLake; 4.Princess and Pauper; 5.Fairy Topia; 6.Disney Princess stories, vol.1; 7.Alice in wonderland; 8.Sleeping Beauty.

      Colorful animations,cartoons of prince, princess, pets, queen, king, thieves, palace, people are excellent. Voice and picture of the DVD is clear. All they ...

    • are come with subtitles. This DVD has some special features like DTS 5.1.surround sound, subtitles can be choosen among English, Chinese, Malay, Thai. You can also select particular scenes. Also,Interactive menus helps in playing the DVD moreeasier.

      I enjoyed watching this cartoon DVD. This is a best DVD for the children I think. Because it has stories of Barbie as well as Disney princess. So 8 movies in a single DVD is really worth winning.

Tiffany says :

To whom ever makes Barbie movies such as Barbie Mariposa and others. Why aren`t any African Americans depicted in theses movies. Since you have a whole cast of Caucasians there should be a whole cast of African Americans. I think its only correct. I am appalled of how many Barbie movies that are released without an African American lead in the role of Barbie. I have a 5 yr. old daughter and I don`t buy the movies for this very reason, I would like her to see someone like herself in these movies. She should feel that not only Caucasians are princesses but all little girls are no matter what race.

Vital Expressions says :

The writer of this review has no control over the ethnicity of the characters in these films. To contact the makers of this film with your comments you could try contacting Mattel at 333 Continental Boulevard, El Segundo, CA 90245-5012, or call them at 310-252-2000.

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