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by maria geraldine aguila
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This movie won an international award for the story.

The movie ” Tuhog” was the story of a Family, a mother and a daughter both have this sexual feelings against the head of a family. Wierd and Immoral, but because of the exoticness and uniqueness of the story the movie won.

Personally, it is really hard for me to be proud of said Filipino movies who won for an international award. Mostly of these said movies has this the same concept, Immorality. I myself is a Filipino, and it happens that I am focused on watching, reviewing and critisized movies. This one “Tuhog” is definitely a shame for our country. Having this kind of content in the movie is not acceptable concept for a movie.

Though, some of the critics called this an experimental movie, but if you were going to study, mostly (I’m not generalizing) of the Filipino movies who recieved awards internationally have this ellicit concept and always based on sexual aspects.

Note: I am Filipino and I’m proud to be a Filipino. But, this time I’m not happy with this movie.

Rating: 1

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