Diet Mountain Dew
In my lifetime spanning 55 years on this earth I have consumed more than my fair share of soft drinks. I have tried them all. It wasn't until my doctor told me to lose some weight or go on medication to control my sugar that I even considered a diet drink. Being a chef, you can imagine that taste is very important to me and let's face facts here. When it comes to diet drinks, they all claim their's is refreshing with a crisp clean taste, but you usually have to settle for whatever taste you can tolerate over a long period of time.

When my search started, like most people, I was ...
Bath and Body Works Pleasures Cool Citrus Basil Body Lotion


by Redtape
Someone at work was selling Bath and Body Works products again and I wasn't too interested in buying one because I already had a ton of perfumes and lotions at home that I just wasn't using. Nevertheless I decided to take a look at the products anyway and ended up falling in love with the " Bath and Body Works Pleasures Cool Citrus Basil Body Lotion".

I ended up buying it and to this day I love it just as much as when I first smelled it. There is nothing remarkable looking about this particular bottle of lotion so I nearly passed it by several times. While it has a light mint green ...