WXBUY White OEM Home Button for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500
I purchased this to replace the home button on a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4. The button was stuck, so it didn't work at all. The issue was that a small plastic piece under the old button had broken off. Anyways, I purchased this as a replacement, and it worked as ...
Fruttini Cranberry Chocolate Body Butter


by Dee
I first purchased a much smaller package of this body butter because I thought it looked cute. It was one of those little things I picked up along the way to the cash register that I didn't plan on buying on a particular shopping trip.

I grabbed it because I felt like it was time to allow myself to indulge a whim. I was taken aback by how much I ended up liking it that I bought a huge 500ml (17 oz) tub of it. It's a German brand and I got it from a German chain retail store in my city. It's definitely available in Europe and possibly on eBay and Amazon. The brand is also present in India. ...