Jansport Mesh Backpack
I purchased this mesh backpack in the pink color back in 2012 for the school year - my school had inputed a rule that only allowed us to carry mesh backpacks, so I picked this one up at the mall, and it lasted me the 2 years I used it with ease! It was a great purchase that I am very pleased with!

Mesh backpacks do not have a great reputation for staying intact and carrying all the books that are necessary for a student in high school or college. However, this one did the job. The first few days of use, the mesh material felt scratchy and uncomfortable against my skin and just as I was ...

Thai Lion Air


by Pusaka
If you plan to fly Lion Air, then better think twice. This company changes the schedule pretty often, and always directs customers to visit their office should they need their complaints to be resolved (emails are not replied).

Last July I traveled from Jakarta (Indonesia) to Bangkok (Thailand) by Thai Lion Air, a subsidiary of Lion Air. I chose this company because it offered the lowest air fare. At first, my return journey was on July 29. But then I got an email message from Lion Air advising me that my return journey was changed to July 31. Thinking that I might be able to enjoy a holiday ...