Crest Classic 3-D White Strips

by Jennifer Davis
Despite the fact that it can be dangerous for the enamel, I do whiten my teeth from time to time. However, I usually use toothpaste as opposed to the white strips because of the cost. I really did not want to pay expensive prices to try whitening strips that I could not be sure would work for me.

However, I was in Wal-Mart recently looking for travel bottles for my shampoo, when I saw that they had these strips for sale in the travel toiletries section for $.75 a piece. It was still a little expensive for a single strip, but it was cheap enough that I could justify trying them. After ...
Mainstay Quick Drying Full Size Bath Towels

Mainstay Quick Drying Full Size Bath Towels are an essential part of my home. I started using them two years ago and have now replaced every towel I own with them. Many of my friends and family have also made the switch to this product.

Firstly, the towels come in a huge array of colors. This is appealing to me because I like to change the design of my bathroom often and love the versatile color options that they offer. I don't have to be limited to only white or black. While they do not come in every color imaginable, they get rather close. For instance, right now I have a deep ...