Bio Oil
I am certainly not the type that wants to age gracefully and personally, I strive to hold on to my youthful appearance as much as possible. However, I've noticed over the last 10 years how difficult it is to maintain a youthful appearance.

I previously suffered from acne in my late twenties and therefore left many acne scars on my face and back that would not disappear after constantly using regular cocoa butter creme to get rid of it. I also used facial scrubs in my daily washing routine to helps remove dead facial skin and serums to give me a natural glow. however, both products didn't ...
Crocs Springi Ballet Flat

Being in a job that requires me to stand most of the day has really taken a toll on my feet, and especially my lower back. I need to have a shoe that is not only comfortable on my feet, but that can ease the pressure on my back too. I have tried a few different orthopedic shoes in the passed, but with little or no improvement for me.

When Crocs shoes were first released I heard rave reviews about their amazing comfort, I couldn't bring myself to buy a pair though because I hated the look of them. Since then Crocs designs have really come a long way.They now have a whole range of amazing ...