InterDesign Power Lock Ultra Soap Dish

by Crystal
I got this soap dish when I was making my own soap and needed a dish that would hold really large bars. This one definitely held a "hefty" bar of soap as advertised but it definitely had its qualms too.

Just to give an idea of how large of a bar of soap it holds, I make my bars about 8 ounces which is huge. I've made bigger and to think of a bar of soap that is a half of a pound you can imagine how heavy and large the soap is. When positioned correctly this dish will hold it with no problem. The weight of the bar is not an issue and there is definitely ample space to contain ...
Bigelow Herbal Green Tea

It is very difficult for me to keep up with the demands of work and home life. I routinely grab a bagel,donuts or purchase bacon, egg and cheese biscuits at a nearby Bojangles in the morning to start my day.

Then around lunch time I would go to McDonald’s or Wendy’s and purchase chicken nuggets, fries, cheeseburger from the dollar menu along with a large sweet tea. As a result of years of choosing the wrong food options, my digestion system went crazy. Not only did I suffer from acid re-flux, but sometimes I would stool at least once a week and I hated the experience because it was often ...