Gotham (2014 television series)
I grew up watching various Batman animated series, and I was always fascinated with the city of Gotham, Bruce Wayne's home. I was always curious about how one place produced so many criminally insane people and I wanted to know so much more about the other characters such as Commissioner James Gordon and villains who rose to fame. Therefore, I was thrilled when I heard that a series that focused on Gotham itself was set to begin airing on the cable television channel, Fox. I have to admit that I didn't love it too much when it first started, but a couple episodes into the first season, I'm ...
Great Value Chili Cheese Hot Dogs (Two Pack)


by CirclingCanvas
Chili and melted cheese have been common hot dog toppings for decades. While the combination of the two may not be as popular as say ketchup, mustard or relish, there are plenty of people out there, including myself, that enjoy chili and cheese on a hot dog. It may make for a messy meal, but having those two toppings on a hot dog sure make a difference in the taste department! Admittedly, when having something like this at home, a bit more preparation is required as chili and cheese can't just be squeezed out of a bottle like ketchup or mustard.

This frozen product sold under the Great ...