Borden's Cremora Rich Coffee Creamer

by Andy Diaz
I've always been a coffee drinker, everyone in my family is. I absolutely adore it, even as a baby my mom and grandma would give me some of their lattes in the morning, so of course drinking it from a very young age, I am now absolutely obsessed with it. If I don't have my fix in the morning, my whole day is pretty much ruin, I get super cranky, it's almost like a drug to me, which sounds super bad, but whatever, I keep indulging in my problem.

I used to drink it with milk, as in normal lattes, until I realized that I had a slight sensitivity to dairy, I'm not completely intolerant ...
X-Men: Apocalypse (2016 Film)

The most awaited new addition to the X-men movies finally came out, the X-men Apocalypse. It was released in the US last May 27, 2016. The movie was directed by the famous director, Bryan Singer. He also directed the previous X-men movies like the X-men: First Class and X-men: Days of the Future Past. This movie is about the awakening of the first mutant ever, named En Sabah Nur, he lived and ruled in ancient Egypt until he was betrayed by his worshipers. After he was awakened from his sleep, he planned to wreck havoc on earth in order to cleanse the human world and take over it. He believes ...