Gainesville FL Dollar Tree Store
Dollar Tree has been a store that has been around as long as I remember. I would shop there occasionally for things here and there, but not enough to where I would consider myself a frequent shopper. It wasn't until recently where I have needed more office and school supplies that I began to branch to buy other things Dollar Tree sells as ...
Florence Foster Jenkins (2016 Comedy-Drama Film)

No movies this year has really blew my mind yet. Unlike last year, heavyweights such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Inside Out were already released by this time and they were among the best films released last year. The blockbusters this year continues to underwhelm, and upon checking my ten favorite movies so far, I have realized that most are indie/small films that are mostly original. Some of them are very feel-good films that made me appreciate films in general. Nothing extraordinary or groundbreaking but enough to warm my heart and inspire a little bit inside me even for just a couple of ...