Enzatec Deep Bass 2.0 Mini Speakers

by Benard Jabel
Enzatec is a fairly unknown company when it comes to the sound department. people are used to Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood and Monster. But the company may be misrepresented by any would be buyers as not many have tried and tested their products.

Enzatec is a Canadian company trying hard to be different from the rest of the companies that manufacture speakers. The speaker market is so saturated and there is stiff competition from the big speaker manufacturers such as Pioneer. But people should just move from the norm and try something different and they might be surprised the brand that they looked ...

Black Chia Seeds as weight loss remedy (Purisalv brand)

For years I've constantly struggled with managing my weight. Although I don’t eat a whole lot of food during the course of the day, I still found it difficult to lose weight. Drinking lemon water with honey before eating and incorporating moderate exercise into my daily routine did not help me achieve anything.

My vision of slimming down quickly seemed hopeless and seemed like an unobtainable goal. This impression stayed embedded in my mind until I watched the Dr. Oz show on television where he discussed the benefits of ingesting black chia seeds before eating and it helps people shed ...