Wilko Face Cloth
We often pop into our nearest Wilko store. The large high street retailer stocks a wide selection of DIY goods and home accessories. I often buy hair care products, soap, toothpaste, denture cream and cleaning products from Wilkinson's because they offer good value for money.

I have a large pile of face cloths in my airing cupboard and I prefer to use a facecloth than a bath sponge. Some cheap cotton flannels are not worth the money, but the pack of two 100% cotton cloths is well worth buying. Our bathroom is painted pale blue and all of our bathroom accessories are blue and white. I noticed ...

Garnier Hydra Fix Body Lotion

My skin is a little dry so, I normally choose moisturizer shower creams and hydrating body lotions. Last month when I went shopping, there was a promotion of the Garnier Hydra Fix body lotion and I decided to take the chance. I paid 3,5 EUR and brought the 250mL pack. According to the package info this lotion promotes a high skin hydration that lasts 24 hours and also protects against dryness. Besides, it contains 5% of urea which supposedly helps to fixate water on the skin.

The lotion comes in a plastic and squeezable package which usually is not my preference. I think this kind of ...