Once (2007 Musical Film)
I have seen plenty of musical films that take the generic route but not this one, the music is the real heart of this movie. The characters and the plot revolves around the idea of making good songs that will move the audiences without asking them.

I was moved watching this John Carney feature after seeing it for the first time 3 years ago, and when I watched it again just this week, I managed to discover the feels were still ...

Stranger Things (2016 Supernatural Sci-Fi Horror TV Show)

I'm not obsessed with TV shows as much as with films because they take too long for me. I don't like waiting another week for a new episode only to edge out my excitement over and over again. I want to watch something that feels complete by the time the credits start to roll because what's good is a show when you don't feel satisfied about it?

The only TV show I'm really watching over the years is Game of Thrones because why the hell not? It's a great TV show and one unlike others. Lately though, I've been introduced by my colleagues to watch Netflix's new original series called ...