"Slammed" by Colleen Hoover (Book)
The book is about the perspective of an 18 year old girl, Layken, as she is forced to move into a new town with her family after her father's untimely death. The only upside to moving turns out to be her new neighbor, 21 year old Will.

He takes care of his little brother, who also quickly becomes Layken's little brother's best friend. But that's not the only way they are connected. Will and Layken go on one date before things go downhill for them. Here is a very minor spoiler, don't worry it comes out very early on in the book, so it's not a big shocking spoiler by any means. Layken is still ...

Tornado Mop

I'm glad mom convinced me to buy the Tornado mop in preparation for the typhoon months a couple of years ago because there have been too frequent basement floodings that bailing water manually was too laborious when the submersible pump wasn't installed yet. ...