Maybelline Color Sensational #140 Fuchsia Fever Lipstick
Last December, I bought Maybelline 140 Fuchsia Fever lipstick that costs around 400 pesos, if I am not mistaken. However, I remember it was on sale. I do not have a pink lipstick with a hint or red, like fuchsia, so I picked Maybelline Fuchsia Fever for that.

The packaging has striking color. The cover is somewhat similar to the color ruby and the color inside, the holder of lipstick, is silver. At the bottom, there is the number 140, which is perhaps the number of its color Fuchsia Fever. There were not enough shades of Maybelline Color Sensational, and there were only few of them left. ...
Kremil-S Antacid/Antiflatulent Chewable Tablet

Kremil-S is mainly designed for flatulence and gastric issues, such as heartburn and acid reflux. I first tried this when I was in college because my friend suggested it to me. My stomach hurt every morning, and my friend thought I had ulcer.

I did not consult a doctor at that time, but I took her advice. She told me that Kremil-S Tablet, the cheaper antacid at less than 10 pesos, treated her father's gastric problems. Since Kremil-S was just very cheap, I bought several pieces. There are actually two types of Kremil-S. (1) Kremil-S Tablet and (2) Kremil-S Extra Strength. I have ...