Vehicle 19, movie

by Redtape
The movie Vehicle 19 is a fairly bland, perceptibly low budget movie that offers the usual fast and furious car chases. This time however, most of the activity takes place within a car.

Michael Woods, played by Paul Walker, is visiting Johannesburg, South Africa after being paroled in an attempt to reunite with his wife Angie who is an employee of the embassy there. Their brief phone conversation suggests that he is desperately trying to convince her to reconcile their marriage. They agree that he will meet with her in a short while though he is already late and she warns him not to let ...
Corel VideoStudio X7 Ultimate


by Tina B.
I grew up around a software programmer, so I am very critical when it comes to trying out new software. Corel VideoStudio X7 is a software that I purchased because I was tired of using iMovie for my Video editing tool. A friend of mine explained that Corel VideoStudio X7 might be extensive enough for me to get my project done.

Considering the fact that It seem as if I ran through all of my options. I bought Corel for almost $100 at Micro Center. (My all time favorite PC and Tech Store!) Price wise, I wasn't too happy. It's not like I was able to take it back once I opened it, so it was ...