Spectre (2015 James Bond Film)
A lot of people I knew were very excited to see the movie Spectre as soon as it was released. While my excitement didn't necessarily reach their level, I was certainly curious to see what it would be about since my interest in James Bond movies had been rekindled over the past couple years. After I watched it recently though I have to be honest that it wasn't as good as I've come to expect from a James Bond movie even though I did enjoy it ...
Bath and Body Works Wallflower Plugs

I had been wanting to try the Bath and Body works scent plug in for a while when I decided to buy a few.....well not really a few, but more like 20.

What can I say I love Bath and Body works scents and they were on sale for only $3 each. When they arrived they were all packaged separately in a little box and ready to be plugged into the scent plug ins which you buy separately for about $5.00 each. Some of the scents I bought were Strawberry Vanilla which was amazing, Beautiful Day a gorgeous scent, Moonlight Path which is slightly musky yet wonderful smelling, Paris which smells just ...