Cape Cod All-Natural Sea Salt and Vineger Chips

by Jennifer Davis
In my opinion I think that Cape Cod Potato Chips are some of the best chips on the market. They are pricey at almost $4 per bad at Walmart, but their flavor and texture are superb. My favorite of the Cape Cod chips are the Original and Sea Salt and Vinegar flavors.

I think that Cape Cod does a better job of flavoring their chips without having the flavoring becoming too strong. Other chips like Lays can tend to be over done on the seasoning and therefore taste fake and salty. Cape Cod chips aren’t like that, they seem to have found the perfect balance of oil and flavor. The Sea Salt and ...
Michelinas Lean Gourmet Sweet and Sour Chicken


by nitakb
Michelinas Lean Gourmet Sweet and Sour Chicken was another one of their selections that I decided to give a try one day for lunch. I had moderate expectations, since I am no stranger to the brand of Michelinas or the dish of sweet and sour chicken.

On the label they give two heating methods, the first which is the quickest, is in the microwave and the other being the conventional oven. I opted for the second method, which led to me using a completely different dish, one that is oven safe. The directions for cooking in a conventional oven instructs to preheat the oven to three hundred ...