Evercare Mega Cleaning Roller with 3 Foot Extendable Handle

by Crystal
I absolutely love this lint roller! I have two cats and a dog and nothing compares to this cleaning tool as far asw lint rollers or pet hair pick up goes. I use it for rugs, beds, couches and more and everything comes out better than vacuuming.

This costs around 15-16 USD from Amazon and target type stores and the refills cost anywhere from 8-10 dollars but I will confirm that they are totally worth the price. I use a Dyson vacuum on my floors and rugs and while I will admit that absolutely no vacuum compares to my Dyson, this lint roller has proven itself to pick up even more than ...

EZ Foldz 12-Inch Folding Step Stool


by Crystal
I originally bought this step stool for a friend of mine as part of her shower gift. She is very small and has a really hard time reaching kitchen cabinets. When she received it she was so excited about it and after several uses she couldn't say enough about it. After listening to her rant and rave over it I knew I needed to get one for my house.

I'm pretty tall so a step stool was never really necessary for us EXCEPT for getting in the tallest cupboard above my refrigerator. We always needed a chair to stand on to get in there because we figured there was no reason to buy some big ...