Stylex Control Hair Polish Hair Dressing Cream
When I was walking in the grocery store, I stumbled across Stylex Control Hair Polish Hair Dressing Cream. I was thinking about buying one small tube and one big tube since I was looking for hair polish to make my hair look shiny and smooth. The other hair creams I had was fairly enough but not satisfying. At first, I doubt its effectiveness because it is very cheap at around 20 pesos for 50ml and around 40 pesos for 100ml. So I thought, why not try them though they are not that expensive?

This Stylex Control Hair Polish is available everywhere in my country from big and small malls to ...
Fractured by Teri Terry, 2013 Book (Slated #2)

I'd already read the first book in this trilogy, and although I thought the first book was a bit slow, I did enjoy it. I liked the characters, concept and ideas. It definitely could have been better, but I really was looking forward to reading the second book. This one was a little more difficult for me to find than the first one, but once I founded, I started reading it immediately, hoping for a faster paced and better book.

Unfortunately, this book ended up being worse than the previous one. The plot moved forward even slower, and I got really bored until the very end once again. It ...