Bare Lifts - The Instant Breast Lift
One of the most difficult experiences that women undergo is sagging breast, and I certainly started to notice this issue after I turned 30 years old. I recall watching a segment on Oprah Winfrey’s show where an expert suggested for women to place a writing pen underneath their breast to test the breasts sag level.

Although I was hesitant to find out my results, I took the test anyway. According to the expert, if a woman’s breast holds the pen then the woman has sagging breasts. Unfortunately and to my dismay, I passed the test. Even though it is completely natural for women to lose some ...
Vizio 32 inch LCD HDTV television

I received my 32 inch LCD HDTV Vizio television as a Christmas present from my sister, who thought my other television was out of date and that I needed an upgrade. I have to say I was excited to receive a new tv, because at the time I wanted another one but couldn't afford it, so this was a blessing.

What immediately got my attention was how easy the box that the tv came in wasn't heavy. We had Christmas at my mom's house so I received it there and took it home. I really liked how the handle on the box was centered and at the top. This made it easier for me to carry, especially since I ...