Prisoners (2013 movie)
Prisoners was one of those films that I kept putting off watching even when I had the time. There was something about the trailer that didn't make it appear interesting to me even though most if not all of the people in the main roles were very good an popular actors. When I got over my laziness recently though and watched it I couldn't believe I had waited for so long to see it. It was nowhere near as boring as I thought it would be, and to think I had almost stopped watching it twice before it ...
Baguio Burnham Suites


by Dianne
We didn't book any hotel before heading to Baguio City and arrive there 3 in the morning. I can feel the cold even if I am already wearing two layers of clothing. Just upon arriving at the hotel, their staff helped us carry our luggage and assisted us to the lobby where a neat and courteous front desk officer welcomed us with a warm smile.

He handed us their hotel brochure and helped us decide what room should we get. The room rates were higher than we expected because we didn't have enough cash to pay for it but good thing they accept American Express that made us to get their best ...