Silka Green Papaya Whitening Herbal Soap
I almost always love to buy in pairs. When I buy a shampoo, I also buy the paired conditioner. When I buy products for my face, I make sure to buy a whole line of facial care products (which are facial wash, toner and moisturizer). When I buy a body wash, I would also buy the lotion. So I bought this soap because I was to try the Silka Green Papaya lotion.

This soap has a heavenly scent-- the bathroom always smells nice whenever I finish bathing. The scent also lingers to my skin, on my towel and the bed sheets. The smell is like its lotion counterpart: sweet snd fruity but a bit ...
Full Measures, novel by Rebecca Yarros (Flight & Glory #1)


by Andy Diaz
On her twentieth birthday, Ember receives the news of the death of her father, an outstanding military doctor. Her life falls apart like a house of cards. Her little brother loses his father figure just when he needs it the most. Her sister starts drinking and shopping compulsively. Her mother is in shock and unable to get out of bed. And she... she has no other choice but to take care of it all on her own. Until Josh shows up in her life.

Ember is an ordinary girl. She's not popular, or a cheerleader, or the jock's hot girlfriend. She isn't an outcast either. She's just an ordinary ...