Coppertone High Performance Sports Sunscreen

by Madeline Rascon
Each summer I go on a hunt for the strongest sunscreen I can possibly find. I'm sure my kids think I'm being weird. Husband, their dad, is Mexican and the kids have the slight brown tint to their skin, despite my genes for pale skin. I'm use to that I have to wear sunscreen or I will burn so I slather it on them as if their just as fair as I am. Honestly they probably don't need the SPF70 that I got.

I got a couple different sun screen last year that they either didn't stop my skin from frying, they wore off too quickly, they smelled too strong, or there wasn't enough in the tube for a ...
Bench Daily Scents Cologne Sunday Morning

I love Bench Daily Scents because they are affordable. They are also available at all Bench stores and even at groceries! This is convenient because almost all grocery stores sell Bench Daily Scents. I do not need to go to Bench stores just to buy Daily Scents because they are just in grocery stores. However, the prices are a bit higher compared to the prices in Bench stores.

There are different fragrances of the Bench Daily Scents. There are six as far as I know, and these are the Happy Hour (the pink bottle), Indian Summer (Yellow), Nine to Mine (Purple), Spring Break (Green), Sunday ...